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Instagram for Android: Update brings Dark Mode

Instagram dark logo
Picture: Instagram
(Post image: © 2019 Instagram)

Dark mode for Instagram is now here. In addition to the light version, more and more apps are also getting a dark version, which is called "dark mode". The photo platform is now also equipped with it.

Although not everyone thinks dark mode is great, it can have advantages: the text is much more pleasant to read in the evening or in darker surroundings. It is also easy on the eyes, as the majority is then displayed on black in white letters. Probably the best invention for smartphone zombies - "Smombies" sounds even better.

Instagram Dark Mode: how to activate it

Firstly, Dark Mode is currently only for Android users - iOS users prodo not fit from it at the moment. You also need the latest Instagram APK, which is on APKMirror for download there. Although I am an Instagram beta user in the Play Store myself, the latest version does not yet contain dark mode. In the next step, the mode will probably be available for beta users and a few weeks later for all users.

However, there is a catch: if your smartphone does not support system-wide dark mode (usually found in the settings), then you cannot activate the function. Instagram calls up the setting directly from the system and does not offer its own setting. On most smartphones, this can be activated in the settings under "Display". There should be the setting "Dark Mode" or "Dark Theme".

To those who always put nice white frames around the pictures in their feed: ooops, that doesn't look nice in dark mode.

Instagram dark mode android

Picture: TechnikNews

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