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Instagram: Stories can now be liked

Instagram iPhone
(Post picture: © 2018

Like posts and reels on Instagram is far from new. From now on, however, it is also possible to add a heart to stories from other people.

Instagram already offered something similar to Likes for Stories. By typing in the text field under a story, the so-called "Quick Reactions" appear, which also includes a heart emoji. The disadvantage of this solution, however, is that a new direct message is sent with every "Quick Reaction", which can result in a lot of chat history.

The new feature that allows you to like stories is supposed to be this Proget rid of the problem. We clarify how it works.

Instagram gets likes for stories: Here's how

If someone has already received the update, a heart symbol will appear in the story view between the text field and the button for the DMs. If you press this, a like is given. These are private and cannot be viewed by others. Only the creator sees who favorited the story in the viewers list. And unlike with “Quick Reactions”, no separate DM is sent.

The rollout of the update has been underway for a few days. So it may be a few more days before you can use the update.

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