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iOS 16 presented: This innovation gets the iPhone operating system

iOS 16 featured image
Image: Apple
(Post image: © 2022 Apple)

Today is the WWDC 2022 and one thing that was presented there is iOS 16. We will tell you what's new in this version.

Apple started making changes for the lockscreen, which is now even more customizable. On the one hand, this includes different designs for the time and date, and on the other hand the possibility of placing new types of widgets, which are similar to the complications of the Apple Watch. The layers of a portrait photo are also recognized, so that the time is placed behind the foreground. You can also set a background image slide show if you wish.

16 iOS lockscreen

Image: Apple

Apple also overhauled how notifications are displayed. These will now fly in from the bottom of the screen. And with the new Live Activities, apps can display data in a compact way.

Innovations for focus modes

Last year Apple introduced the Focus feature, which the company improved this year. Now the lockscreen can also be adjusted based on a focus mode. Furthermore, an API will be released with which apps can design their content based on a focus mode.


We continued with the innovations for iMessage. These can be edited and deleted afterwards in iOS 16. Furthermore, it is now possible to mark chats as unread. In addition, SharePlay is now making the news. You no longer have to start a FaceTime call to use SharePlay.

iOS 16 iMessage

Image: Apple

Dictation and live text

There are also some new features for Dictation in iOS 16. As a user, you can now switch between voice and keyboard inputs even more fluently. In addition, Live Text now also supports the analysis of videos.


A large amount of data can now be stored in the wallet app. These can now also be interpreted by other apps, for example to carry out an age check. In addition, data from wallet can be shared in other apps.

Apple also had an announcement for Apple Pay called Apple Pay Later. This feature allows you to pay an amount in four installments. This works wherever Apple Pay is accepted.

iOS 16ApplePay

Image: Apple

Apple Maps

A feature that Google Maps has had for a long time is coming to Apple Maps. Multiple stops can now be planned in navigations. In addition, public transport navigations in iOS 16 show more information.

What's new for Family Sharing

If a family member who is a minor uses an iPhone or an iPad, it is even easier to set it up. You can also transfer a child's account to another device like an iPad if you are nearby with an iPhone or iPad. And if a child wants more screen time, they can easily request it through iMessage.

iOS 16 family sharing

Image: Apple


Sharing photos within the family just got easier. You can now automatically share selected photos with others via iCloud. Alternatively, there is a new button in the camera that automatically shares recordings. Automatic sharing also works when members of the shared album are nearby.

Home and CarPlay

For compatibility with others Proproducts, the standard matter and HomeKit work better together. This allows Probetter connect products from different manufacturers. The Home app has been redesigned to make it easier to set up and manage devices. You can now see all the important components of your smart home on the start page, along with some basic status information. The current images from coupled cameras are also visible.

iOS 16 Car Play

Image: Apple

The "Next Generation of CarPlay" followed. CarPlay is no longer only displayed on the infotainment system, but also on other available displays, so that the current speed can also be displayed, for example. The new CarPlay also supports the control of various components of the car. You can also choose the design of the instruments so that you can see exactly what you want.


Finally, Apple announced that spatial audio is easier to personalize with iOS 16. Also, Quick Note is moving in on iOS.

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