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iOS 17 is here: These innovations are coming to your iPhone

Apple iOS 17
Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2023 TechnikNews)

Today the WWDC 2023 took place, where Apple presented iOS 17 to the public, among other things. You can read a compact summary of what the new OS version entails in this article.

The first innovation can be found in the phone app. There are now so-called "contact posters" that are displayed on the screen when a call comes in. So there is now a personalized telephony experience, so to speak. There is also the "Live Voicemail" feature with iOS 17, which creates a transcript with the messages sent to the mailboxprocurrent messages - live during the call. Matching the topic, there is a "mailbox" for FaceTime from iOS 17, where you can leave a video message if the person you are talking to is not available.

iOS 17 Contact Pictures

Picture: TechnikNews


Next up is the news app. Search is improved, and there is now a "catch-up" button in group chats to go back to the last unread message. There are minor improvements in the display of the location in a chat, "Quick Reply" for quick answers by swiping.

A new feature is "Check In", a security feature to notify friends when you are on the road and to have them automatically notified if you do not arrive at the desired location within the given time. Then the location, battery and signal strength will be sent to the friend.

iOS 17 check in

Picture: TechnikNews

The stickers have also been updated and are displayed even better. Furthermore, all emojis are now sticker-capable, can be dragged directly onto a message and also changed in size.


iOS 17 namedrop

Picture: TechnikNews

Away with the business cards: AirDrop can also contact iOS 17proshare file. Simply hold two iPhones together and contact details will be exchanged automatically. These contain all the information from the contact book oneself, such as telephone number, e-mail address and Profilm picture.


The automatic spell check has been revised. Completely new is a sentence completion, which brings the currently written sentence to an end or can continue writing.


iOS 17 Journal

Picture: TechnikNews

A new app is coming to the iPhone: Journal. This should work like a diary and suggest moments that are worth remembering. This should suggest things across the Contacts, Maps, Music and Gallery apps. Example: During a hike, images are displayed at the respective location, together with a map pin and the contacts who were there.

Standby mode

iOS 17 standby

Picture: TechnikNews

If you turn your own iPhone from iOS 17 horizontally, it will automatically become a clock and smart home base station in the future. It also receives other data such as the weather, the alarm clock and various watch faces. For example, calendar appointments, pictures and many other supported apps can be displayed on the iPhone.

Minor news

With the latest iOS 17 version, the "Hey" in "Hey Siri" is no longer applicable, further commands can now be continued without saying "Siri" again. In the Photos app area, the people album has been further improved, and the new version also includes animal albums.

iOS 17 availability

iOS 17 will be released to all users in the fall. Starting today, developers have the opportunity to try out the first developer trialprobeers, while the public beta follows next month for all volunteer testers.

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