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iPadOS 15 is here: design innovations, changes in Notes, multitasking and more

Apple WWDC 2021 iPad OS
Image: Apple
(Post image: © 2021 Apple)

In addition to numerous innovations in iOS 15 Apple also presented new functions in iPadOS at today's WWDC 2021. Those are all the new features in iPadOS 15.

We already know some functions from iOS, now they are also being used in iPadOS. As a really big innovation (attention, irony), widgets can now be arranged together with the apps on the home screen. It used to only work sideways, now it looks like an iPhone. As with iOS, certain widgets can be made larger and then look correspondingly large on the iPad.

Apple WWDC 2021 iPadOS apps

Image: Apple

Better multitasking

Apple WWDC 2021 iPadOS multitasking

Image: Apple

The App Library, ie the “folders” of apps, are now also being transferred to the iPad. Some might already be using this function on the iPhone. Together with the new App Library, you can simply hide individual pages with apps without having to uninstall them and rearrange apps page by page.

The multitasking menu at the top of every single app is also new. You simply tap the title bar of the respective app in the middle. There you can quickly switch the app to Splitview, to the “Shelf” (a minimized area near the dock) or to the side. In addition, you can now start a split view directly in the app drawer by dragging one app onto the other.

Faster notes, more searchable

Apple WWDC 2021 iPadOS Notes

Image: Apple

Notes now get an Activity View, which now clearly breaks down the last changes in a Notes document. This means that you can see exactly which person has changed something in which text lines and when. The confusion and chaos of notes should also come to an end: with tags. A single note can now be easily tagged with a #hashtag, i.e. categorized, so to speak. These tags can be clicked directly in the tag browser on the Notes start page and the respective notes can be read. Collaborating people and contacts can now also be mentioned directly in notes.

Make a quick note? It's very easy now. Simply pull in from the edge of the page with the Apple Pen, regardless of the app (in Safari you can add a link directly to the current homepage). To save the quick note, it is sufficient to simply swipe it out of the display. On iOS, the new "Quick Notes" are not yet visible at the start, but under macOS they are - as usual in the Notes app under "Quick Notes".

Finally, improved translations, Swift Playgrounds

Apple WWDC 2021 featured image

Image: Apple

With Auto-Translate, the iPad can now automaticallyproDetect local language in the Translate app and translate it automatically without selecting the language. The whole thing should work in real time with several people. As a final innovation, there are now improved code suggestions in Swift Playgrounds and apps can now be published directly to the App Store. You can now develop and publish an app for the iPad directly on the iPad.

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