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Jumbo is the new privacy assistant in the App Store

Image: Jumbo
(Post picture: © 2019 Jumbo)

Internet privacy is mostly a mess. To keep track of things, there is now a new app called Jumbo.

Jumbo is now available free of charge in the App Store and can be used without any in-app purchases. In the future, however, some features will only be usable with a premium subscription. The developers of this tool do not yet offer an Android app, but this should follow in the coming months. If you follow the Twitter account of the heads behind the app, you can immediately see when the Android beta will open. But what can Jumbo actually do?

Jumbo 5
Jumbo 5
Developer: 2121 Atelier, Inc
Price: Free of charge
  • ‎Jumbo 5 Screenshot
  • ‎Jumbo 5 Screenshot
  • ‎Jumbo 5 Screenshot
  • ‎Jumbo 5 Screenshot
  • ‎Jumbo 5 Screenshot
  • ‎Jumbo 5 Screenshot
  • ‎Jumbo 5 Screenshot
  • ‎Jumbo 5 Screenshot

Overview of the privacy chaos

Im blog entry three major features are advertised on their own website.

Many people apparently do not want (I did not know myself before) that tweets that they posted a long time ago are permanently visible in their own timeline. However, manual deletion is often very time-consuming. Jumbo is used for this. The tool can save tweets sent before a desired time on the iPhone or iPad and automatically delete them from Twitter.

Second, there is talk of “smart privacy” for Facebook. This is there to easily manage the thirty privacy settings in Facebook. The tool connects to Facebook and can regulate this automatically. This happens due to the level that you set in the tool.

Finally, it is criticized that all Alexa and Google queries are stored on the respective servers. With Jumbo it is very easy to delete them.

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