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Microsoft Exchange Server: Security updates for August 2022 fix critical vulnerabilities

Microsoft Exchange Server
Image: Microsoft
(Post picture: © 2021 Microsoft)

Microsoft released new updates for Exchange Server 2022, 2013 and 2016 in August 2019, just in time for Update Tuesday. This time, too, it is about critical security gaps that are plugged as a result.

This month, too, Microsoft is filling six gaps with a total of five update packages for three server systems. There are three critical vulnerabilities, including Information Disclosure Vulnerability and Server Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability. In addition, one also recommends the new Windows Extended Protection, which is now available for Exchange Server. Further technical details can be found in Exchange blog summarized.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2013/2016/2019: Security updates August 2022

As usual, Microsoft is again providing update support for the last two CU versions, except for 2013 profit, must first be upgraded to a supported CU version. Since Microsoft recommends installing the updates as soon as possible, this should happen quickly - if it hasn't already. However, there are still no known cases of active exploitation in the wild.

Then you can use the Health Checker Script from Microsoft to check whether all updates have been imported successfully. Then you should get the new one Windows Extended Protection Take a closer look at the feature and activate it on the server.

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