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Microsoft Surface Go 2, Surface Book 3, Surface Headphones 2 and Surface Earbuds presented

Microsoft Surface May 2020
Image: Microsoft
(Post picture: © 2020 Microsoft)

Microsoft has some new ones today Proproducts out of the bag: the Surface Go 2, Surface Book 3, Surface Headphones 2 and the Surface Earbuds. the Surface Earbuds we already know, but are finally coming onto our market.

The new devices from Microsoft were not entirely unexpected – there had been speculation about them for some time. Now the two new headphones and two new laptops have been officially presented. All ProProducts will be available in Germany and Austria from May 12, 2020, with the exception of the Surface Headphones 2 and Surface Book 3, which will not start until June 5. Pre-orders will be available soon in the Surface shop (DE/AT) to be possible.

Surface go 2

Microsoft Surface Go 2

Image: Microsoft

The Surface Go 2 is the new successor to the most compact Surface laptop in the range. It comes with a larger 10,5 inch touch display. Inside there is either an Intel Pentium Gold 4425Y or an Intel Core m3 Pro8th generation processor. Design and dimensions remain the same as the 1st generation of the Surface GB same. The battery life should also have been improved, up to ten hours should now be in it.

There are also redesigned dual far-field studio microphones and a 5-megapixel front camera. For users who want to access data on the go or stay connected, the Surface Go 2 is offered as an LTE Advanced version. The Go 2 starts with a price of 459 euros (without LTE), the LTE model is available in stores from 829 euros. In terms of color options, you can choose between a type cover in platinum, black, poppy red or ice blue. For business customers, the Surface Go 2 costs from 509 euros and from 879 euros with LTE.

Microsoft Surface Go 2 Specs

The Specsheet of the Surface Go 2. (Screenshot: TechnikNews)

3 Surface Book

Microsoft Surface Book 3

Image: Microsoft

The Surface Book 3 comes with a 13,5-inch or 15-inch display. Inside sit Intel Core Pro10th generation processors. It comes with a battery life of up to 17,5 hours and is said to be 50 Procent more performance than its predecessor. When it comes to graphics, you can choose between an NVIDIA GeForce or NVIDIA Quadro GPU. In addition, it is equipped with up to 32 GB of RAM. For private users, the Surface Book 3 with a 13,5-inch display will be available in Austria from a price of 1.799 euros, in the 15-inch version from 2.599 euros. Corporate customers get the 13,5-inch device from 1.899 euros and the 15-inch device from 2.699 euros.

Microsoft Surface Book 3 Specs

The technical data of the Surface Book 3. (Image: Microsoft)

Surface Headphones 2

Microsoft Surface Headphones 2

Image: Microsoft

The first generation of Surface Headphones was presented more than a year ago. Now the second generation is here, which should score with extended battery life (up to 20 hours) and better sound quality. There are also newly designed ear cups, which should ensure better wearing comfort. The latter can also be rotated 180 degrees if you remove the headphones and wear them around your neck. In addition to light gray, the Surface Headphones 2 are now also available in matt black and are available at a price of 279,99 euros.

Microsoft Surface Headphones 2 Specs

The specs of the new Surface Headphones 2. (Image: Microsoft)

Surface Earbuds

Microsoft Surface Earbuds

Image: Microsoft

We have known the Surface Earbuds for a long time, but not yet in Germany and Austria. The earbuds can be controlled via touch sensors and certain actions can be carried out using gestures. For example, you can take calls or jump to the next track without taking your smartphone out of your pocket or going to your computer.

If you have a Microsoft/Office 365 subscription, e-mails can also be read out loud and texts can be dictated in Word, Outlook or PowerPoint. The Surface Earbuds also come with dual microphones pro Equipped with headphones. They offer up to eight hours of listening time pro charge and up to 24 hours of battery life with repeated charging in the charging case. You can buy the Surface Earbuds from us for 219,99 euros.

Microsoft Surface Earbuds Specs

The Surface Earbuds are technically capable of doing this. (Image: Microsoft)

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