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Mining with the Gameboy: old hardware, new use?

(Post picture: © 2021 stacksmashing)

Mining with the Gameboy, the YouTuber stacksmashing with the following Video possible, but the whole thing comes with a little hack.

The Nintendo Gameboy is an 8-bit game console that came onto the market on April 21, 1989. The hardware installed in it is therefore already over 30 years old. The retro console is suitable for mining thanks to the built-in link cable connector. This plug can be used to connect to another Gameboy for certain Pokémon games in order to swap Pokémons or fight arena fights against each other. This function is used for mining and a specific adapter is plugged in, which in turn is connected to a Raspberry Pi Pico. Mining software then runs on this Raspberry Pi. Then you only have to rewrite a game card (flash memory) so that the right software runs on the Gameboy.

Mining can now begin!

Or let's say the wait, because the Gameboy needs a few quadrillion years to mine a Bitcoin.

We will compare the performance of the Gameboy with that of an Asic miner, which is now "state of the art":

  • Game Boy: 0,8 hashes / second
  • Asci miner: around 100 tera hashes / second

The Asci-Miner is around 125 trillion times faster than the Gameboy. Still, it's amazing that you can mine bitcoins with the 30 year old mobile game console! Mining with the Gameboy is a fun pastime, but not a way to earn lots of bitcoins in a short period of time.

You can find the full guide to do it yourself in the video above.

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