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Mixer is discontinued: Microsoft enters into partnership with Facebook

Microsoft Blender logo
Image: Mixer / Microsoft
(Post picture: © 2020 Mixer / Microsoft)

Microsoft launched the Mixer streaming platform in May 2017. Back then, a lot of money was spent on a successful start and some well-known streamers were bought. Now you turn the platform completely off and join forces with Facebook.

Microsoft planned with Mixer to overthrow Twitch or at least to be a good alternative to it. Before the name Mixer, which was launched in May 2017, the platform was still called "Beam". In order to get more users to the platform, streaming stars like Shroud and Ninja have been bought. These had to stream for several million euros (30 million euros for Ninja / 10 million for Shroud) exclusively on Mixer and no longer on Twitch. As you can see, that didn't work: Microsoft is turning Mixer off completely.

Facebook Gaming becomes the new mixer

With the market share of less than five ProMicrosoft actually had no other option. Now the platform itself will be completely turned off and Shroud and Ninja will return to Twitch. So Facebook has now tried to lure the two on Facebook Gaming with amounts in the millions - like the gaming insider "Slasher" on twitter reported, but both refused the deal.

Mixer Facebook Gaming

Image: Facebook / Microsoft

Nevertheless, Microsoft is joining forces with Facebook at Mixer and will continue to expand Facebook Gaming. Facebook Gaming never heard? Don't worry, it should be for many. So let's see if Facebook Gaming is now successful and well-known with Microsoft.

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