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modue: New digital all-purpose weapon

modue gamer setup
Image: modue
(Post image: © 2024 modue)

On January 23.01rd announced the launch of modue, an innovative modular control unit that aims to revolutionize the way users interact with their digital environment. At first it sounds like an epiphany, but it's simply broken down and it's basically modern shortcuts strung together. Unlike traditional macro keys, modue offers unprecedented customization and control, allowing users to tailor their interactions to their specific needs.

modue: Who is behind it and where is it available?

Modue is made by a team of engineers and tech entrepreneurs. Their shared vision: To create a tool that integrates into users' digital lives and makes their everyday operations more intuitive and efficient.

Initially modue will launch on Kickstarter for 34 days. Here you can help the developers before the official start of sales and pre-order a mod. The Kickstarter campaign offers various module combinations, starting at €119,00 for a main module and €299,00 for a 3-module set. Those interested can find out more about modue and that Proproject by supporting the project Kickstarter campaign page visit.

For creative people and gamers: Innovative design meets user needs

Modue redefines the concept of digital controls by offering a modular, customizable interface that meets user needs. Modue consists of magnetically connected, customizable modules. This approach not only increases efficiency but also elevates the entire user experience to a simpler yet clever level.

Because different application areas require different hardware, modue offers a range of modules that can be mixed and matched to provide personalized control. This flexibility allows users to create a setup that adapts not only to their current tasks, but also to their future projects and preferences.

One Touch: The multifunctional control center

The One Touch is a cornerstone of the modue system and offers a versatile multi-touch user interface. Users can customize it with a range of widgets to quickly access information such as time, weather and notifications. This module acts as the central unit and connects all other modue modules together. Additionally, this module is equipped with a USB-C port that connects the computer to the modue ecosystem.

Slide: Fast precision

Slide, simply put, a smart slider, features a motorized linear potentiometer and touchscreen for creating fast, precise shortcuts. From adjusting volume to switching tabs, the Slide module improves control over everyday tasks and creative ones Processes.

Click: A click that can do more

Click is equipped with four mechanical switches, each of which has a color LED and enables a variety of functions. Running macros, quickly muting or launching apps, everything is possible with one click. The module's design is kept simple and ensures a tactile, responsive experience. Additionally, it is equipped with a magnetic, intelligent toggle switch.

Spin: One spin for everything

Spin has three clickable knobs with RGB LEDs, which gives users an elegant solution for controlling something simple like the volume, but also closing the shutters in the smart home.

Versatility for every user: Two-way connectivity

modue's design includes gold-plated, spring-loaded connectors on both the left and right sides to provide even more versatility. This feature takes into account the ergonomic needs of both left- and right-handed users and allows for convenient and efficient setup. Users can choose to build their modue systems from the left, right or even both sides of the main Module One. Whether gamer, streamer, Producer or in the office, with the right setup modue could be an asset for everyone.

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