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MyMcDonald's Pool Party: VIP Code, Prizes, Vouchers and more

MyMcDonald's Pool Party
Image: McDonald's
(Featured image: © 2023 McDonald's)

Summer, sun and lots of fun await McDonald's fans again this year with the long-awaited MyMcDonald's Pool Party. The popular promotion returns and promises exciting mini games, tempting vouchers, exclusive air mattresses with the VIP code and much more. Everything you need to know.

In a nutshell: The MyMcDonald's Pool Party is a McDonald's promotion where numerous vouchers and prizes can be won during the summer months. These can be redeemed for burgers, fries, drinks and much more. There is still the chance to win other exclusive prizes, but you need a VIP code for this.

  • For the MyMcDonald's Pool Party you need the McDonald's app
  • There are different areas in which vouchers and prizes can be earned
  • Exclusive prizes like an air mattress are available in the VIP club, for which you need a VIP code

This is how you participate

  1. Download the McDonald's App: To attend the MyMcDonald's To join the pool party, you need the McDonald's app. Download it for free from the App Store or Google Play Store and install it on your smartphone.
  2. Win: As soon as you have installed the app, you can open the Pool Party area by clicking on "Play now!".
  3. Play the mini games: Discover the mini games in the app and put your skills to the test. By completing games you can earn your selected prize.
Developer: McDonald's Apps
Price: Free of charge
Price: Free of charge

>> Don't pick it up, have it delivered? McDonald's is also available on Lieferando <

MyMcDonalds's Pool Party: These prizes exist

At the pool party there are several areas where there is something to win, something cheaper or something to earn. The promotions will run until August 15, 2023.

Pool snack

There you have the chance to win a voucher once a day. You can choose from various prizes that you can later redeem in the MyM area. But be quick: The voucher can only be redeemed until the end of the following day, 1:23 p.m. You can currently choose from the following prices, which vary every day. Redeemable in all participating restaurants in Austria while stocks last.

VIP Club & VIP Code

In this exclusive area you can 1x pro Earn another voucher or win an air mattress. However, you have to do that secret VIP code known, which can be found on the trays in the restaurant, in the McDonald's newsletter and on social media. This year, however, these can only be used once and are extremely rare. Alternatively, you can also play VIP in the local restaurants, but the app must be given location permissions for this.

Current VIP Codes:

  • D4NKEBY3

Older VIP Codes:

  • FR1ES4ME (valid 1x pro Week pro Person; up to and including 10.08.)
  • OKPOOL11 (valid 1x pro Week pro Person)
  • PARTY100 (valid 1x pro Week pro Person)

We update this list regularly. 

The air mattress comes in either a burger or fries design and is also limited to quantities (2.384x burger and 2.374x fries design).

You can get these prizes by solving a game of skill, with the prize won being displayed immediately afterwards. The voucher can be redeemed by the end of the following day, 23:59 p.m., the contact form for receiving the air mattress must also be sent by the following day, 23:59 p.m. Otherwise the profit will be forfeited.

Pool Store

There are more sweepstakes here for non-cash prizes that you can win in the respective period. However, these are always limited and only limited to a few pieces. Participation is very easy: click on the pool shop, accept the conditions of participation and you're in the lottery pot. All without a game.

The following prizes are available in the respective period:

  • July 18th to 25.07th: 3x McDonald's beanbag
  • July 26.07th to 01.08th: 10x McDonald's Pool Set (bath towel and flip-flops)
  • July 02.08th to 08.08th: 4x McDonald's Beach Set (T-shirt, trousers and table tennis bat incl. ball)
  • July 09.08th to 15.08th: 5x McDonald's pop-up tent


Clicking on this area displays the conditions of participation and an overview of all prizes. Otherwise there is nothing exciting to see there.

Tips for mini games

The mini-games are different skill games. Unfortunately, it is not possible to choose a game yourself - it will be selected automatically. Below we have a few tips on how to get your profit faster.

Practice creates masters

You can replay each mini-game and in most cases get enough tries to complete it. Just try again, it gets easier with each try.

Observe game instructions

In many mini-games, the app helps you to get ahead. Just don't touch anything for a few seconds to get a hint. In the difficult Burger Crush, the two boxes that you have to swap will flash after a few seconds.

MyMcDonald's pool party mini-game Burger Crush

Picture: TechnikNews/Screenshot

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