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Netflix: Price increase in Austria and Germany

Image: Netflix
(Post image: © 2018 Netflix)

Somehow it was foreseeable: After Netflix the costs for the individual subscriptions increased in the US, the new costs also come to us. But what does that mean now?

The cheapest subscription cost 7,99 euros pro Month. That will continue to be the case. Netflix previously charged 10,99 euros for the standard package and 13,99 euros for the premium subscription. Existing customers will initially pay the same as before unless they decide to switch plans, as you can clearly see here:

Screenshot: TechnikNews

Then you have to pay more than before. That's 11,99 euros for the standard subscription pro Month. Premium now costs EUR 15,99. The amounts just mentioned are effective immediately for new customers. Netflix justifies the increase with the increased cost of manufacturing their ownproproductions. The growing competition with Apple with TV + certainly influenced the decision.

Screenshot: TechnikNews

Street: mobiFlip, Caschys Blog

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