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Nintendo hacked: Over 160.000 accounts cracked

Nintendo logo
Image: Nintendo
(Post picture: © 2020 Nintendo)

Nintendo announced today that it had been hacked to the first users. However, this announcement did not come as a surprise. Over 160.000 accounts are said to be affected by the hack.

The Nintendo Switch is currently enjoying great popularity due to the Corona crisis. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is also making waves right now. But now there is bad news: This week Nintendo had already advised users urgently to use the Two-factor authentication (2FA) to activate. This can be used to prevent a simple intrusion into the account. It was already clear: Such an announcement does not come easily.

Nintendo hack with over 160.000 affected accounts

This week, some users posted on social media that their Nintendo accounts had been cracked. Nintendo Japan has now officially confirmed this incident and has said that more than 160.000 people have been affected since April 2020. However, there should not have been a security breach on the part of Nintendo, but this was done by an "external source", they write. Here you could mean fake Nintendo sites or other phishing websites.

As of today, the affected users can no longer log into their account with the old password. So you have reset all passwords of the respective accounts that you have unauthorized access. It is also mentioned that the hackers could have had access to the username, date of birth, gender, place of residence and email address. It is therefore urgently recommended that you change the same password for all other services if you have the same password - which is also used for your Nintendo ID. In addition, of course, in the future, make sure to use different passwords everywhere.

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