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NIO's plans for better infrastructure in 2023

NIO swap station in Berlin
Image: NOK
(Featured image: © 2023 NIO)

NIO is an electric car brand founded in 2014. The Chinese automaker announces a major expansion of its network of swap boxes and its own NIO Houses.

You are one of the first manufacturers to make it possible to replace a dead battery with a full one in just 5 minutes. Of course, this requires a good and dedicated infrastructure. In their latest press release they now announced the expansion of 7 additional Power Swap Stations (PSS). This includes locations such as Leipzig and Regensburg, but exchange boxes are also to be completed in 61 on the A7 (Waldlaubersheim) and A2023 (Großburgwedel) motorways.

NIO House Berlin

Image: NOK

NIO Houses are also to be added

Not only Power Swap Stations are to be built in 2023. NIO Houses are also intended to bring customers closer to the world of NIO – in Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Frankfurt, among other places. Entice them with an integrated library, art on display, and spaces for collaboration Proprojects and even the possibility of organizing a private concert. Events and activities are also possible here. The range for this is large: from yoga courses to lectures with exclusive guests, everything is possible - so they say press release.

Service before and after your purchase

At the eleven handover centers in Germany you can Prodrive on with the flagship model NIO ET7 and soon also with the electric SUV NIO EL7 and the electric sedan NIO ET5. The freshly bought NOK is also handed over to the customer here. The alternative is to conveniently have the vehicle delivered to your home. The service partner GAS is used for maintenance. This has several hundred qualified service workshops under contract in Germany, of which 14 large service partners currently specialize in the service of NIO in a nationwide network.

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