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OnePlus 10 Pro: The technical data are there

OnePlus 10 Pro Cover
Image: OnLeaks
(Post image: © 2021 OnLeaks)

Only recently did the insider Steve Hemmerstoffer the first pictures of the OnePlus 10 Pro delivered. Now the technical data have surfaced. 

So published the insider in cooperation with the Indian portal "91Mobiles" the alleged technical data for the OnePlus 10 Pro. The top smartphone should appear on the market in two stages. In China, the device should celebrate its debut at the end of January/beginning of February 2022, in Europe not until March/April 2022. The device will still have its front camera in the upper left corner from the front, the edges of the device are a little rounded. The cameras on the back will be the same as in the Galaxy s21 ultra a little built into the frame, the arrangement is based on a square.

OnePlus 10 Pro Yield 1

The OnePlus 10 Pro should get a new design on the back (Picture: OnLeaks)

The display on the front should still be a 6,7″ AMOLED display with a resolution of QHD+, the refresh rate remains adaptive at 120 Hertz. as ProThe next "flagship SoC" from Qualcomm will be used as processor. This will be presented in Hawaii next week. The group announced in advance to change the naming strategy, the chip will probably be called "Snapdragon 8 Gen 1". The device is to come back onto the market in two configurations. One with 8 gigabytes of LPDDR5 RAM and a second with 12 gigabytes. The memory will remain unchanged at 128 or 256 gigabytes, the specification amounts to fast UFS 3.1 memory. The device will remain waterproof according to the IP68 standard.

OnePlus 10 Pro: Cameras & Battery

The cameras remain almost unchanged on paper. The main camera will again resolve with 48 megapixels, the ultra wide angle with 50 megapixels and the telephoto camera with 8. The maximum optical zoom is 3,3x, according to Steve. A 2 megapixel monochrome camera should no longer exist. The article does not make it clear whether Sony sensors will continue to be used or whether new sensors will be used. The front camera should resolve with 32 megapixels, an upgrade to the 16 megapixels from the OnePlus 9 Pro. The battery should get the biggest update, instead of 4500 mAh, the report increases the capacity to 5000 mAh. In the "rumor mill" the argument of the BBK group would increase the fast charging speed to 125 watts for the next Oppo Find X and OnePlus device, the 91Mobiles report also speculates and can neither confirm nor refute the rumor.

OnePlus 10 Pro Yield 2

The cameras of the OnePlus 10 Pro are almost unchanged on the data sheet (Image: OnLeaks)

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