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OnePlus 7T is official: 90Hz and a small upgrade

OnePlus7T thumbnail
Source: OnePlus

On Friday, OnePlus launched the India-exclusive "OnePlus TV Q1 (Pro)” also presented the expected OnePlus 7T, which on the outside hardly differs from the OnePlus 7 differs. The biggest differences are in and under the display.

OnePlus 7T: the innovations

The biggest innovation of the OnePlus 7T is a 90Hz "Fluid-AMOLED display". OnePlus has listened to the positive reactions from the community and now wants to equip each of the upcoming smartphones with a 90Hz display. The second biggest innovation was the hardware. The OnePlus 7T now also has the latest Snapdragon 855+ and 8 GB of RAM. The OnePlus 7 still used the normal Snapdragon 855 and only the more expensive version had 8 GB of RAM.

As storage, OnePlus relies on the new, faster UFS 3.0 storage, which comes with 128 GB, but cannot be expanded. The design is only improved a little, however. A waterdrop notch design is still used, but the notch should be 30% smaller than the OnePlus 7. The display itself has also been enlarged from 6,41 to 6,55 inches, but has a resolution of Full HD + like the OnePlus 7. The fingerprint sensor is still built into the display.

The battery gets a small upgrade from 3.700 to 3.800 mAh and should go from zero to 30 with "Warp Charge 70". Procent charge in 30 minutes. The OnePlus 7T also has stereo speakers.

OnePlus 7T

The OnePlus 7T hardly differs from the OnePlus 7. (Image: OnePlus)


The cameras are built in a "circle" compared to their predecessor and are the same as in the 12 instead of 8 MP telephoto camera OnePlus 7 Pro. The front camera is also the same as the 7th Pro, just in a notch and no "pop-up".

The software: Oxygen OS based on Android 10

The new OnePlus smartphone is the first to be delivered with Android 10 “Out of the Box”. There are also a few minor changes in Oxygen OS. The system should now be even faster than ever before. The Zen Mode, which was introduced with the OnePlus 7, has also received an update. Users can now adjust the blocking time from 20 to 60 minutes. In order to sensitize users to a balanced smartphone use, OnePlus will shortly be launching a 21-day Zen-Mode-Challenge. In the gallery app you can now "hide" albums and generate video collages.

Android 10 OnePlus 7T

The OnePlus 7T is shipped with Android 10 (Image: OnePlus)

Release and "Where is the OnePlus 7T Pro? "

OnePlus is doing things a little differently this year. The 7T was already presented with the TV on September 26.9th. The "European launch" is planned two weeks later this year in London. The “flagship” model “OnePlus 7T Pro" presented. The OnePlus 7T costs the equivalent of €490 and will be available in the colors "Frosted Silver" and "Glacier Blue".

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