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OPPO Air Glass 3 as Prototyp shown at MWC 2024

OPPO Air Glass 3 featured image
Picture: OPPO
(Post picture: © 2024 OPPO)

Another company that spoke at MWC 2024 is OPPO ProType of the OPPO Air Glass 3. We'll explain what you need to know about it here.

One of the main topics at this year's MWC is clearly XR glasses and their Further development into light and compact everyday objects. The one featured Prototyp the OPPO Air Glass 3 joins the trend, because with a weight of only 50 grams and a simple look, the wearable can hardly be distinguished from conventional glasses at first glance.

The built-in displays have a display brightness uniformity of over 50 Procent and a maximum brightness of 1.000 nits. The glasses support touch input, for example to change the current media playback or to answer calls. You can also access OPPO's AndesGPT artificial intelligence with just one tap. To use this, the Air Glass 3 communicate with an app installed on the smartphone. Sounds are played into the ear through speakers in the temples.

As already mentioned at the beginning, the OPPO Air Glass 3 is one Prototype. A market launch is therefore not planned for the foreseeable future.

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