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OPPO joins the Eco Rating Initiative

OPPO Eco 5 aspects cover picture
Image: OPPO Germany
(Post picture: © 2021 OPPO Germany)

OPPO is green, you know that as soon as you take a look at the company logo. But are they really ecologically green? This is to be determined by the so-called Eco Rating Program now confirm.

OPPO is one of the first smartphone companies now in the new Eco Rating Proprogram of the EU. This initiative was launched by the five largest mobile phone companies in the EU (Telekom, Telefonica, Orange, Telia and Vodafone) to provide information on sustainable smartphones based on evaluation criteria.

How exactly OPPO has been ensuring a green company image since 2019 is shown in the following diagram:

OPPO Eco Initiatives contribution picture

OPPO has had five strategies since 2019. (Image: OPPO)

If this may be so, the Chinese manufacturer has another, very good ecological footprint in the rather controversial mobile phone industry.

The manufacturer has been working on a green image since 2019. It is not for nothing that they have reached 4th place among the top manufacturers according to Canalys and IDC and were able to over 153 Procent increase in sales compared to the previous year.

Eco Rating will be introduced in June 2021

This Eco Rating should now start in June 2021 and, as already mentioned, provide information about particularly sustainable or non-sustainable smartphones, as is already illustrated in the diagram above. In the foreground are of course the environmentally friendly Proproduction of the smartphones, transport and disposal.

In detail, there are even more precise criteria, namely 19 pieces, that must be observed. The overall grade is based on these 19 individual criteria. The finished label that the devices get refers to the five aspects that OPPO shows in its diagram (above).

  • Recyclability
  • longevity
  • Repairability
  • Climate efficiency
  • resource efficiency

These five points are to be evaluated and with 100 points as an example, the smartphone receives the highest possible rating and places itself at the top of the sustainability scale.

In my opinion, one or the other company can cut a slice of the game, especially when it comes to repairability. I am still curious to see how this Eco Rating label will influence us in the future.

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Dominic Lux

Dominik is 21 years old and very interested in new hardware for smartphones, as well as in the VR and AR area. He enjoys writing articles on these subjects. He has a fable for smartphones and gadgets, as well as electromobility. So he is currently busy writing in the new mobility department here TechnikNews.

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