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Oppo shows the first smartphone with a camera under the display

Image: Twitter / Oppo
(Post image: © 2019 Twitter / Oppo)

Der erste Prototyp with camera under the display is there. In recent months, the trend has been towards borderless smartphones. But so far there has been one Proproblem: the front camera had to be accommodated somewhere.

Pretty much all manufacturers of their smartphones had a recess in the display - in the form of a "Notch"Or a" hole "- installed. Other concepts like that Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 had a slider to accommodate the front camera. What was foreseeable has now been confirmed: in future, the cameras will be housed under the display. You have the loudspeaker with Huawei P30 Pro for example already installed under the display.

A first video from Xiaomi appeared on YouTube last week. This was also shown by a smartphone with a camera under the display.

Camera under the display: when?

Oppo has hers Protoypen only announced on Twitter so far - an official announcement is still pending. The “USC” could already be installed in Oppo smartphone models in the coming months. However, other manufacturers could possibly anticipate this. So you could already expect the first smartphone with a camera under the display in 2020.

Has at the beginning of June Oppo on Weibo also said that “it is currently difficult to achieve the same photo quality with an in-display camera as with conventional ones Front camera is possible, "said Oppos vice-president. In addition, no technology is perfect from the start, so there is of course still room for improvement.

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