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OPPO Watch: 1.6 update is rolled out over-the-air

OPPO watch update
Picture: OPPO
(Post picture: © 2021 OPPO)

Today is for everyone OPPO watch Owner a reason to be pleased! Since the beginning of April, OPPO has been rolling out a new update via OTA. We clarify which innovations this brings.

If you take a look at the changelog, you can see that the update does not contain many new features.

  • 18 new watch faces
  • System optimizations

Nevertheless, this is quite impressive and it proves that OPPO is still taking care of their first smartwatch. Other Wear OS watches could learn a lot here.

Whether the rumors are true that Google has its own Pixel Watch wants to bring out and thus further expands Wear OS, is still in the stars until now. That could help OPPO keep bringing out good updates. But one thing is certain, OPPO is already working on its Wear OS Skin, ColorOS for WearOS, and is constantly improving it.

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