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OPPO x Hasselblad: three-year innovation partnership launched

OPPO x Hasselblad featured image
Image: OPPO Germany
(Post picture: © 2022 OPPO Germany)

Hasselblad might be familiar to one or the other. The Swedish camera manufacturer has recently started working with OPPO. What do you expect from this partnership? We explain that to you here. 

OPPO wants to work with Hasselblad on the “Hasselblad Camera for Mobile” for three years. This industry-leading camera technology is said to be exclusive to OPPO's high-end flagship Find series.

Look familiar? Probably, because the subsidiary OnePlus quit similar things already last year. But so far nothing has been seen apart from a bit of software. Among other things, it is suspected that Hasselblad has now been brought to OPPO's side, since OnePlus has been reintegrated into OPPO. It is now hoped that this will result in a joint partnership for both brands.

“Following the successful collaboration between OnePlus and Hasselblad over the past year, we are delighted that the partnership is entering a new phase of development and bringing Hasselblad's renowned mobile imaging to even more users worldwide
to be able to use. For both OPPO and Hasselblad, the color performance of the camera is a key strategic focus. We look forward to building the future of Hasselblad Camera for Mobile together.” – Pete Lau, Chief Product officer.

Colorful Hasselblad Camera for Mobile

OPPO still wants a flagship model to include an outstanding next-generation camera. That's why you have it Marisilicon X recently introduced as an imaging NPU.

Together with Hasselblad, they want to continue working to improve smartphone photography. Hasselblad supplies the so-called "Natural Color Calibration" here, which is intended to help above all in improving the skin tone in portrait shots.

It starts with software optimization for natural color matching. OPPO smartphones should thus offer new standards for consistent color performance. And of course all scenarios of the camera system should be covered.

First signs of collaboration in the new Find X5

According to OPPO, the Hasselblad collaboration will be seen in the new Find X5 series in just a few weeks. We are curious to what extent this will be the case. What is your opinion on the Hasselblad cooperation? What are you hoping for? We're happy to discuss this in the comments.

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