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Philips Hue lamps will soon also be available with Bluetooth

Philips Hue living room
Image: Signify / Philips Hue
(Post picture: © 2019 Signify / Philips Hue)

Yesterday Signify (the brand behind Philips Hue) announced that all lights will also come with Bluetooth support in the future. With this one wants to make it easier for beginners in particular to get started with the system. In addition, you no longer necessarily need a bridge for use.

Like Signify in a press release announces that the first Philips Hue lamps with additional Bluetooth functionality are to be launched on the market soon. These work without a Philips Hue bridge and are connected via Bluetooth. The aim is to make entry into the system even easier for beginners in particular. They then only need a smartphone and the respective light bulb - done. The price remains the same, however, as there is only one extension of the range of functions with Bluetooth. This means that the entire Hue portfolio will be equipped with additional Bluetooth in the course of the year and 2020.

Philips Hue Bridge continues to be the centerpiece

Nevertheless, the bridge should remain the heart of the system, so the message writes. It then gives you access to all the advantages of the Hue system. Without this, only the "simple" control in the Philips Hue Bluetooth app is possible. Functions such as remote control or special routines will not be possible without them. However, you still don't have to do without control with Alexa or Google Assistant.

If you initially set up a lamp without a bridge, you should be able to easily integrate a bridge later. With it the usual, complete functions are then activated. All future lamps will of course continue to come with Wifi (ZigBee).

Control also with Alexa and Google Assistant

So - if you buy the lamps via the same Amazon account - you only need to set up an Echo device nearby. Then an “Alexa, search my devices” is enough and the lamp (s) should already be found. The integration with Google Home and Google Nest devices should follow in the coming months. Until then, however, you can control your lamps with the Google Assistant on your smartphone.

Even with the technology extension to include Bluetooth, the lamps keep the usual prices of their predecessors: the Philips Hue White costs 19,99 euros (RRP), the White Ambiance costs 29,95 euros (RRP) and you have to pay 59,95 euros (RRP) for the Place the Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance on the table.

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