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POCO Watch and POCO Buds Pro featured: A POCO ecosystem?

POCO Watch Buds Pro Cover
Image: POCO
(Post picture: © 2022 POCO)

In addition to the POCO F4 GT smartphone, the Xiaomi sub-company also has a POCO Watch and POCO Buds in the past event Pro officially presented. Does that complete the "POCO ecosystem"?

Apparently they also want to build their own ecosystem and give users of POCO smartphones a choice for more Prooffer products from the same group. Let's take a closer look

POCO watch

With the POCO Watch, Xiaomi brings another wearable to the Mi Watch and Mi Watch LiteProproduct on the market. It is intended to accompany the customers' everyday fitness routine, which is why one of the most important features is, for example, over 100 fitness modes that can be tracked.

Otherwise, there are already numerous health functions that have now arrived in the low price range, including the measurement of blood oxygen saturation and 24-hour heart rate and stress level monitoring. An integrated standalone GPS system means that you no longer need your smartphone to record routes, and there is also a gyroscope and electronic compass.

In terms of design, the watch uses a rectangular display, which differs from Xiaomi's premium smartwatches. A large 1,6-inch AMOLED touch display is used on the front, which has a resolution of 320 x 360 at a ppi of 301. With over 100 customizable watchfaces and three color options, there should surely be a preferred version for most.

The battery in the POCO Watch is 225 mAh and can be charged using a magnetic charger. According to official manufacturer information, it lasts two weeks with normal use and the smartwatch is protected against the ingress of water and dust with 5ATM.

POCO Buds Pro (Genshin Impact Edition)

For fans of the fantasy action video game Genshin Impact, POCO now has a Product prepared, namely the buds Pro in the Genshin Impact Edition, what you can do when designing the Proclearly recognizable. With a red color and elements of the character Klee, players should feel right at home. Voice announcements from the headphones were also set to music using her voice.

The POCO Buds have it Pro a dynamic 9mm driver for detailed sound. They also have active noise cancellation (ANC) powered by four microphones. There's also a Transparency mode, which boosts ambient noise to make it easier to hear with headphones.

The in-ear headphones are protected against splash water according to IPX4 and have wear detection. This allows the music to pause automatically when the headphones are removed from the ear. According to official information, the battery lasts 28 hours with the case if you use it without ANC at 50 Procent volume listening to music. On the other hand, charging is via a USB-C port on the bottom, which can fully charge the headphones in about one hour and the case in two and a half hours. They also support wireless charging.

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