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Pokémon GO: All information, tips & tricks about the new game

(Post picture: © 2016 Pokémon Company)


This is what the author says:

Very cool game. Even after a few days it is still very fun and motivates to take a little more steps than usual. We are curious what to expect and in the future. What do you all mean? Would interest me.

Pokémon Go, the augmented reality game for Android and iOS that has been downloaded millions of times, has finally been released in Germany. We'll show you why there's such a hype about it at the moment and what you can do against a rapidly declining Procent display can do. Also, we give some tips for a better gaming experience.

What does the official release in Germany mean in detail?

Before that, rumors went around that Niantic Labs (the development team behind Pokémon Go and Ingress) would ban players who play before the official start. This can no longer be the case, players can now become Pokémonchampions without hesitation. There are now some "hacks" with which you can allegedly fake the GPS location in order to collect Pokémon comfortably on the sofa without having to move a step. There is also an app that promises the user unlimited coins. Stay away from it, firstly because the apps require some critical permissions on the smartphone and secondly because Hackers and cheaters are banned or could be banned.

So why is there such a hype being made about it as if it were about the new iPhone?

Most certainly have it on Reddit in the subreddit / pokemongo I've seen some bizarre screenshots where Pokémon have appeared everywhere (example: Magikarp in the pan). With new tweets every second under the hashtag #PokemonGO, the internet community is always up-to-date with new achievements, sometimes absurd places of publication, events and team memberships (#TeamMystic!).

Pokemon Go - the new fitness app?

In addition, Pokémon Go can also serve as an incentive for some to be more fit, according to statistics from the fitness tracker manufacturer Jawbone on Twitter, where users took more steps on the weekend of the publication than before. Well then, quickly finish reading the article and off you go!

Tips for a better gaming experience

Pokémon Go uses a lot of battery. Lots of battery. To counteract this a little, Niantic has integrated a feature called "battery saver" into the settings. This allows you to put your smartphone in your pocket while the screen darkens and you are still looking for PokéStops and Pokémon, and if you find them you will be notified by sound and vibration. Since Pokémon Go is still review phase, this function does not yet work reliably and sometimes deactivates itself again.

Another tip against a dead battery is to buy one Power Bank. This can be very useful when you're touring across the country and want to catch a Pokémon, but you don't have enough battery to call a cab when you're completely exhausted. For the less adventurous who prefer to explore every inch of the park to keep playing longer. But in any case, you can save battery when catching Pokémon by turning off the AR mode. You can do this in a fight by simply tapping the AR button in the top right half. As a result, your device will also heat up less. Two Proproblems solved!

Another tip: catch everything what you see. Regardless of whether it is just a Hornliu or a Taubsi, catch it as long as you have Poké Balls, because by catching you get candy, which you need for training and development. If you run out of Pokéballs, here's a tip: Go to every PokéStop you can find and use it to get Pokéballs, potions, eggs, etc. The best thing about it, you can go back to the same after a short time, as they regenerate pretty quickly .

The requirements for Pokémon Go

  • Operating system: Android 4.4 KitKat or newer (The beta of Android 7.0 Nougat is not yet supported)Update: With the current Pokémon GO version 0.29.2, the beta of Android 7.0 Nougat is now supported. In addition, with the latest update, the game now runs on devices that use an Intel x86 chip.
  • Display with at least 1280 x 720 pixels
  • a strong internet connection (WiFi, 3G or LTE)
  • GPS

Here you come straight to the requirements from the Go developers.

My opinion

I think the game is the best published Pokémon game so far, because the player is an indispensable part, which is fully involved and can only fulfill the dream of the Pokémon champion through movement, which can probably serve as a varied training method for many. Another point that I like is the social component, as you can find a large community of players everywhere you can integrate yourself into.

This post is updated regularly - if it is updated, we will keep you up to date via Facebook and Twitter.

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This is what the author says:

Very cool game. Even after a few days it is still very fun and motivates to take a little more steps than usual. We are curious what to expect and in the future. What do you all mean? Would interest me.

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Zoe Mueller

I found more efficient cheats for Pokemon Go here: [link removed] - it works for me. I hope it helps.

Edited by the team: Link was removed due to spam.

David Wurm

I also really enjoy playing the game and have already found some Pokemon. It also motivates me to take a few more steps to search a PokeStop. I'm curious what to expect in the future 😉