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Pokémon GO Plus: Wearable for monster hunters now available

Image: Pokémon
(Post picture: © 2016 Pokémon)

Nintendo announced on Twitter today that Pokémon GO Plus is available now. The wearable is useful for those who do not want to stare at the smartphone all the time.

Since Pokémon GO is now also available on the Apple Watch, there have been rumors about the wearable. Among other things, some thought that Pokémon GO Plus will probably no longer be released. The bracelet without display gives the wearer information about what is currently going on in Pokémon GO through vibration and built-in LEDs. Simple functions can be carried out using a button on the bracelet.

Pokémon GO Plus can do that

With the wearable, it is currently possible to catch Pokémon and collect items at Pokéstops at the touch of a button. Since the bracelet has no display, the hunter is informed about current events in the Pokémon GO world by vibration and built-in LEDs. The accessories are connected via Bluetooth - an active Bluetooth connection is required for the band to work. In addition, Pokémon GO must be running in the foreground or background on the smartphone. In addition, the distance run for hatching eggs should also be included in the calculation.

Pokémon GO Plus available now

Der laut ProNintendo's product site supports all iPhones from the iPhone 5 upwards. With the latest version of Pokémon GO for Android, Android smartphones from Android version 4.4 are now also supported. Pokemon GO Plus is on Amazon or by Nintendo Online Shop available directly. The cost in the Nintendo Online Store is 39,99 euros - at Amazon it is currently available from 65 euros.


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The wearable is certainly practical, but it is too expensive for me. I will probably continue to hold the smartphone in my hand. Hopefully there will be a cheaper ribbon for Pokemon GO at some point.