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Polestar 2 (2024): More power in a new design

Polestar 2 2024
Image: Polestar
(Featured image: © 2023 Polestar)

Swedish automaker Polestar recently unveiled the facelift of the popular Polestar 2. This comes with a new design, more power and a longer range, among other things. We have summarized all information for you. 

There are only small changes to the design of the Polestar 2. Compared to the current one Polestar 2 the facelift includes a new front end called SmartZone, based on the Polestar 3, with a front camera and mid-range radar.

Apart from that, nothing has changed in terms of design. The bond with Volvo can be seen at first glance. The headlights still have the typical "Thor's Hammer" look and the taillight still runs across the rear of the Polestar 2.

More efficient

Polestar is giving the Standard and Long Range Single Motor models a new motor with more power. Instead of 170 kilowatts and 330 newton meters, customers now have 220 kilowatts and 490 newton meters at their disposal. Thus, 0-100 acceleration improves to 6,4 seconds for the standard model and 6,2 seconds for the "Long Range" model.

Both models are now rear-wheel drive with a newly developed permanent magnet motor and silicon carbide inverter. This ensures better weight distribution. This means that the driver has more traction and the power can be transferred to the road more effectively.

The dual-motor variants also get a new drive train. The main drive sits at the rear and is asynchronously assisted by a front motor when required. This enables a higher total system output of 310 kilowatts and 740 newton meters.

Greater range

All Polestar 2 models get upgraded lithium-ion batteries. The "Standard Range Single Motor" model still has a 69 kilowatt hour battery, which can now be charged with 135 kilowatts. Polestar states that a charge from 10 to 80 Procent takes only 34 minutes. With a full charge, a range of up to 518 km (WLTP) should be possible.

The three other variants of the Polestar 2, i.e. "Long Range Single Motor", "Long Range Dual Motor" and "Long Range Dual Motor" with performance package, now come with a more powerful 82 kilowatt hour battery from CATL with 27 modules. This can be charged in each of the three models with up to 205 kilowatts, increasing the charge from 10 to 80 Proshould be done in less than 30 minutes.

Due to the larger batteries, the range of the models has also improved. The “Long Range Single Motor” is up to 635 kilometers (WLTP), the “Long Range Dual Motor” is up to 592 kilometers and the “Long Range Dual Motor” with performance package is also up to 592 kilometers (WLTP). .

Prices & Availability

The Polestar 2 (2024) starts at a recommended retail price of 50.755 euros. If you opt for the “Long Range Dual Motor” model with a performance package, interested parties have to pay Polestar at least 65.275 euros.

The models can already be configured and ordered. They will then be delivered from September 2023, with Polestar speaking of delivery from November 2023 for the "Standard Range Single Motor".

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