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price comparison and ProProduct search for groceries: starts in Austria Price comparison for food search
Image: Price down / David Wurm
(Featured image: © 2023 Preisdown / David Wurm)

There is no topic that currently concerns Austrians more than inflation. Especially in the supermarket for groceries, price increases are incomprehensible to many and difficult to compare. The platform Preis__runter starts as a price comparison for groceries and supermarkets in Austria.

Everyone compares prices online on platforms like Geizhals or Idealo. Why not with groceries? It is precisely this gap that the new platform wants in Austria are now closing and offering a price comparison for everyday shopping. Consumers can choose the cheapest Profind products, monitor price trends and understand price changes.

Proproduct search that finds (almost) everything

At the price down food search can do what you want Prosimply typed in. Then it becomes 150.000 Proproducts and more than 10 markets, all hits are displayed. In addition to the supermarket giants Billa, Hofer and Spar, the supermarkets Bipa, DM, Lidl, MPREIS, Müller, Penny and Unimarkt are currently also supported. Price comparison for food search

Image: Price down / David Wurm

Intelligent sorting functions and filters are available to make it as easy as possible for users to compare prices. So will the price pro Unit (pro Kilo, pro Piece, pro litres) is displayed in order to identify fraudulent packaging. A price comparison for the DM and REWE stores in Germany is also available. It is noticeable here that numerous ProProducts from our German neighbors cost a lot less, even though they come from Austria.

Prices always up to date

Outdated prices make little sense. For this reason, all prices are updated several times a day and entered immediately after a change at the discounter. Promotional prices are also marked in order to be able to understand price increases or reductions. New markets are constantly being added, as are new features such as a price alert and search for Proproduct groups planned. Each day, the homepage also shows the highest price changes of the current day. shopping price comparison

Image: Price down / David Wurm

The display of the last price increase is also practical: this is displayed at the Product Search right next to each Product displayed.

Price history, shopping cart and more

Additional functions are also available on Price__down to make the price comparison even easier:

  • The Grocery price history for Austria on Pricedown offers the possibility to easily display all price changes of the last few days. You can also filter by market there. Furthermore, filters can be set for "only more expensive" or "only cheaper", for reduced or increased Prodisplay products individually.
  • With the function "Cart“ can favoriteproducts about the Proadded to the product search and observed there in terms of price. It can also be used as a shared shopping list for friends or family. The advantage: Everyone has access without having to have an account, simply share a link. On top of that, prices are constantly updated so that the final price of the purchase is always known in advance. No surprises on the supermarket shelf.

Further functions are constantly being added in the background and should start shortly. The platform is now online and under a DAK Bungalow.

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