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Razer Phone unveiled: Razer's first gaming smartphone

Image: Razer
(Post picture: © 2017 Razer)

With the Hydrogen One, RED has presented a smartphone that is specially tailored to the company's topic. Now the gaming company Razer followed suit. The result was the Razer Phone, which is specially designed for gaming on the go. This is what the first gaming smartphone from the US company can do.


The Razer Phone looks a lot like a cell phone from the past: the Nextbit Robin. That's because Nextbit has been working under one roof with Razer since this year. That means the Razer Phone was also built quite massive. This then also results in the weight. At 197 grams, the phone is comparatively heavy. The frame is made of normal aluminum. What is special about it is that the fingerprint sensor is located directly in the power button on the side. Same as Sony does with their smartphones. The back, made of matt aluminum, houses a dual camera and the Razer logo.

The fingerprint sensor was built into the power button (Image: © 2017 Razer)

Display and front

Also on the front, the Razer Phone looks quite similar to the Nextbit Robin. This means that we have comparatively thick display edges. But these come with an advantage. Stereo speakers were installed that even support Dolby Atmos. You can even have multiple sounds in your own softwareprocreate file. The display itself was installed in the old 16:9 format and is 5,72 inches in size. The resolution of the panel is QHD.

The Razer Phone is specially designed for gaming (Image: © 2017 Razer)

What is special about the display is that it supports a refresh rate of 120 Hertz. This means that games can be displayed even more smoothly. Unfortunately, not all games have been adjusted to this repetition rate yet, but that should change over time. You can adjust the refresh rate manually in the settings. The software can also do this dynamically, depending on whether you are using the smartphone and what activities you are doing. That should also save battery.


Looking at the specs, you can clearly see that the Razer Phone is made for more performance-demanding things. Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 is used as the CPU. This also comes with the Adreno 540 GPU. A full 8GB of RAM is available. A total of 64GB is available for apps, games and other files. You can do this proexpand easily. With this overall package you should be able to play all games from the Playstore procan play without problems. A 4000mAh large battery then provides enough battery.


When it comes to software, Razer relies on Android 7.1.1 Nougat. A promise for an update to 8.0 Oreo has already been made. In my opinion, Razer made a strange decision with the installed launcher. At first I thought that the normal Pixel Launcher was installed by Google. But this is not the case. Razer actually installed Nova Launcher Prime as the default launcher on all devices. Here you have to decide for yourself whether you like it or not.


As already mentioned above, Razer built a dual camera in their smartphone with both lenses having a resolution of 12MP. The first lens with f / 1.7 is intended for wide-angle shots. The second lens is a double telephoto lens that allows you to zoom in better on objects.

Price and release

Razer calls for € 749 for the Razer Phone, which, if you compare something, is fine. From November 14th it will be available in the company's online shop.

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David Haydl

David lives in Graz and has been there for around half a decade TechnikNews, also editor-in-chief for some time. He regularly provides the site with news, test reports and the like TechnikNews Weekly, which was his idea to launch. He likes to spend his free time outdoors, listening to a lot of music (and clearly too loud) and some podcasts on all kinds of topics, and also likes to go running. He enjoys the time that remains with his charming girlfriend or in front of the TV.

David has already written 1235 articles and left 116 comments.

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