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Redmi Note 11S presented: the 108MP expert for little money

Redmi Note 11S family
Picture: Xiaomi
(Post image: © 2022 Xiaomi)

Xiaomi has just presented the new models of the Redmi Note 11 series. Next to the Redmi Note 11 Pro or Redmi Note 11, like last year, there is also a Redmi Note 11S. As the successor of Redmi Notes 10S brings quite a lot of changes, you can find out all the details in this article.

The Redmi Note 11S applies the typical design of the rest of the Note 11 series. So this time there are flat edges and a striking, large, black camera module on the back. It is available in three colors namely Graphite Gray, Twilight Blue and Pearl White. With a weight of 179 grams and a thickness of 8,09 millimeters, it should be fairly easy to hold. The fingerprint sensor is traditionally placed on the side and the device supports the IP53 splash-proof certificate.

Redmi Note 11S: Technical Specifications

A 6,43-inch Amoled display is used on the front, which has a resolution of 2400 x 1080 pixels. Unlike its predecessor, it supports a refresh rate of 90 Hertz. This is definitely a welcome improvement. The stereo speakers, the 3,5mm jack and the Z-axis vibration motor also ensure a good consumer experience.

Redmi Note 11S front

Front (Image: Xiaomi)

The MediaTek Helio G11 works inside the Redmi Note 96S Proprocessor supported by LPDDR4X memory and UFS 2.2 storage. This can actually be expanded up to a terabyte. The 5G mobile communications standard will be Proprocessor not yet supported. In terms of software, the new MIUI 13 user interface is already preinstalled.

The hardware is powered by a 5000 mAh battery that can be charged with the 33 watt power adapter in the box. According to official data, it takes 58 minutes from 0 to 100 Procent.

Redmi Note 11S: Camera

The special feature of the Redmi Note 11S is certainly the camera system. The Samsung HM2 sensor is used as the main camera, which we already have from last year Redmi Note 10 Pro know. There is also an 8 megapixel ultra wide-angle camera for a larger field of vision and two 2MP sensors, each for depth of field detection and as a macro lens. A 16 megapixel camera with an aperture of f/2.4 is used on the front.

Redmi Note 11S: Storage Versions & Availability

The Redmi Note 11S will come in three variants, with 6+64GB, 6+128GB and 8+128GB storage. It should appear on the German market later this week.

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