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Samsung at CES 2021: new 110 inch micro-LED television, robots for washing up and more

Samsung CES 2021
Picture: TechnikNews/Screenshot
(Post picture: © 2021 TechnikNews/Screenshot)

Samsung also took advantage of the media attention at CES 2021. The Koreans today showed new televisions, robots of the future and news in the smart home. Another Samsung event is then planned for Thursday.

Since today the digital CES 2021 is running, which usually takes place in the halls of Las Vegas. Although Samsung sent us on Thursday in Galaxy Unpacked Event will show new smartphones, an event was planned for today. Innovations in televisions, robots and practical gadgets for the smart home could be seen.

Fancy kitchen appliances and washing-up robots

Samsung is increasingly trying to get into the kitchen as well. So you have shown some models, which with Samsung devices and -Proproducts were implemented within their own four walls. A ProThe result is a stylish kitchen case that contains a small Samsung fridge, a Samsung freezer and more.

Doesn't sound that exciting - but the new robots from Samsung were really exciting. The “Samsung Bot Handy” could be used in the kitchen to do the dishes, set the table or pour wine. This is currently one Prototyp, so you can't buy it yet. According to Samsung, it shouldn't be that long before he knocks on our front door.

With the “Samsung Bot Care”, another robot was also shown, which monitors the house and the people in it. A conceivable scenario would be for the bot to remind the user to get up if they sit in front of the computer for too long. That too is still a thing of the future and the robot is currently still as Prodead type thought.

Vacuum cleaner robot that recognizes things

If you own a vacuum cleaner robot, you will usually find it quite practical. However, it is impractical if it gets tangled in the cable or hits things like vases and thus breaks them. Some smart vacuum cleaners have also fallen over stairs, got stuck under the bed or more. With the "Samsung JetBot 90 AI +" this should be a thing of the past - using artificial intelligence and a camera, it can detect things standing around using LiDAR and 3D sensors. A vase or cord would be bypassed, a carpet would be vacuumed more thoroughly, and pets would be left alone.

The new vacuum cleaner robot is expected to hit the US market in the first half of 2021. Details on prices and further availability are not yet available.

110 inch micro LED TV

This new TV comes with a slim and almost frameless infinity screen design that blends seamlessly into the living space. The result is even better image quality and even brighter pixels. The 110-inch micro-LED television also offers a "split mode", which can display up to four different images - for example, you can watch several sports at the same time or learnprostream gram while playing a video game. For US customers, more than 160 free channels are also available through Samsung TV Plus.

Using 8K upscaling, each Programs also look crisp and sharp in any resolution. The respective image is rendered by software using artificial intelligence and algorithms. The new television with a 110-inch display diagonal is to be launched worldwide in spring 2021.

Samsung Galaxy S21 series and more on Thursday

The new smartphones and gadgets from Samsung can then be seen on Thursday in their own “Samsung Galaxy Unpacked” event. We from TechnikNews will of course report promptly about all innovations. In our article you can find all information about the event on January 14th, here there are all the leaks of the new Samsung smartphones.

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