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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE: Specs and first render leaked

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE featured image
(Post picture: © 2020

If you take a closer look at the S20 series, you notice that there is no longer any budget-oriented S20. Even the cheapest S20 starts at just under 900 euros, whereas the predecessor, the S10e, started at just under 750. This is where the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE comes into play.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE (short for "Fan Edition") does not try to close a gap between mid- and high-end like the S10e, but wants to offer as many S20 features as possible for less money and still remain a flagship. Here we already have the estimated prices and first renders for you from Pricebaba.

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On the first render you can see that there are many similarities with the S20. The FE, however, has thicker bezels, but should still have a rounded display and a punchhole for the front camera. The back is almost identical to the S20, only the material changes from glass to glass (reinforced plastic), which is already used on the Note20. Has the advantage of not breaking easily, but is more prone to scratches. More about the S20 series here .

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE front back

Image: @OnLeaks x @pricebaba


Just like the S20, the Galaxy S20 FE gets a Snapdragon 865 Processor or in Europe the Exynos 990 (more on the differences here ) at lower prices. However, Samsung could have opted for a Snapdragon 700 series, but then it should no longer be a flagship.

Like the S990, the Exynos 20 should be combined with a 120Hz Dynamic AMOLED display. The size of the display is currently unclear, but 6,4 inches or 6,5 inches are planned. For the hungry ProTo keep the processor and the large display running, a 4.500 mAh battery is also used here. The RAM should get 6 GB to 8 GB and the internal storage should be 128 GB to 512 GB.

The camera layout on the back is adopted from the S64 except for the 20 megapixel sensor, here only 8MP for 3x telephoto are installed. Ie the main sensor gets 12 MP and the Ultra-Wide also 12MP, as with the S20. As for the front camera, it has 32 megapixels instead of the 10MP of the S20.

Anyone who thinks that Samsung is saving on the IPX rating (dust and water resistance) has unfortunately guessed wrong, because that Galaxy S20FE should also receive an IP68 certification.


The only question now is, at what price Samsung will sell the S20 FE. If the price difference between the S20 and S20 FE is too low (e.g. € 800 to € 850), the S20 is more likely to get into your pocket, but if it is too big, the S20 FE might be a OnePlus 8 killer, but it should Don't be too quick to judge, because OnePlus should soon release the 8T series. The latter leaks from The Elec promise a relatively low price of 650 euros to 750 euros, which seems almost too good for this feature set. The exact date for the release of the Galaxy S20 FE is not yet known, we will probably have to wait for October.

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