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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 officially presented

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2
Image: Samsung
(Post picture: © 2019 Samsung)

As expected, Samsung officially launched the Galaxy Watch Active 2 today. There are no groundbreaking changes compared to its predecessor - the difference is more in the details. We have all the information for you.

Do you remember our report on another smartwatch today? So here comes the next one. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 was made as planned shown today - with some news, although not that big. It doesn't matter, we simply list all the new products here at a glance.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

This is what the smallest variant looks like with 40 mm in the aluminum version. (Image: Samsung)

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2: All the technical details

Let's start with the outside. The watch comes in two versions - one with 40 mm (1,2 inches) and the other with 44 (1,4 inches) mm. In terms of resolution, we are here at 360 x 360 pixels. In addition to the size, you can also choose between a model with or without LTE.

Under the hood is the Exynos 9110, accompanied by 768 MB of RAM. With a total of 1,5 GB of RAM, there is a little more for the LTE version. The internal storage is pretty average with 4 GB of internal storage. When it comes to the software, you don't rely on Wear OS by Google, but on the in-house Tizen OS.

In addition to a heart rate sensor, there is also an EKG function on the back. However, this is not yet active at the start of the market. The water and dust resistance is also proven by means of IP68 certification. The battery is still at 249 mAh or 340 mAh for the 44 mm variant. In terms of connectivity, we find the latest Bluetooth 5.0, together with an acceleration sensor, gyroscope and barometer. Warning - NFC for cashless payments does not exist here.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2: Prices and Variants

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 in the 44 mm version with stainless steel. (Image: Samsung)

There will be a total of six variants of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. The cheapest model with 40 mm is priced at 299 euros - this increases to the most expensive model (44 mm + LTE) at 469 euros. For a better overview, simply list all models:

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 in

  • Aluminum 40mm; 299 euros
  • Aluminum 44mm: 319 euros
  • Stainless steel 40 mm: 399 euros
  • Stainless steel 44 mm: 419 euros
  • Stainless Steel (stainless steel) 40 mm + LTE: 449 euros
  • Stainless Steel (stainless steel) 44 mm + LTE: 469 euros

The Bluetooth version will be available from September 6th, followed by the LTE version on September 27th Samsung homepage to be had. The new smartwatch will be available to buy in both Germany and Austria. Aqua Black, Cloud Silver and Pink Gold are available as color variants for both variants.

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