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Samsung Unpacked Event: Galaxy Note 20, Z Fold 2, Tab S7 and more

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2020 featured image
Image: Samsung
(Post picture: © 2020 Samsung)

Samsung presented five new devices at an unpacked event on Wednesday afternoon. In addition to the Note 20 series, Samsung also presented the Tab S7, the Buds Live, the watch 3 and the Z Fold 2 5G, a new foldable.

Samsung Galaxy Note Ultra 20

Image: Samsung

Galaxy Note 20

The two Note 20 models both come in the typical elegant Note look. Compared to the S20, the Note 20 is now much more angular again. As the first smartphone in the Galaxy Note series, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra now has a Dynamic AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 120 Hertz. Samsung uses two large camera elements with three lenses for the camera. This means that you can now record 8K videos and, thanks to the three built-in lenses, you can also flexibly switch back and forth between lenses. It is charged with up to 25 watts to 50 Procent within 30 minutes. Samsung DeX has also been improved a bit so that you can now use it wirelessly. A smartphone from the Galaxy Note 20 series can be paired wirelessly with a compatible smart TV, allowing you to use a second display for working. The Galaxy Note 20 series is available for pre-order now. From August 21, the models will be available in stores from 949 euros for the Note 20 and 1299 euros for the Note 20 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Image: Samsung

Galaxy Tab S7

With the Tab s7 and Tab S7 +, Samsung is bringing two new tablets onto the market. With its 7 inch display, the Tab S11 is slightly smaller than the 12,4 inch Tab S7 +. Both displays of the new Samsung tablets come with a refresh rate of up to 120 Hertz. Thanks to a partnership with Microsoft, you can now play more than 7 games from the Xbox Game Pass library on the Tab S100 directly on your mobile device via the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. No matter whether Minecraft Dungeons, Forza Horizon or Gears of War 5. Even on the go, thanks to the 5G connection, you should be able to have uninterrupted gaming fun. With the feature-rich S Pen, you should also be able to use the Tab S7 optimally for writing notes or for drawing. With the optionally available book cover keyboard, the Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7 + can also be used very easily like classic notebooks. The Tab s7 and Tab s7 + will be officially available in stores starting August 21, starting at 699 euros and 899 euros, respectively.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Image: Samsung

Galaxy buds live

With the Galaxy Buds Live, Samsung has once again presented new true wireless headphones. In close cooperation with the sound experts from AKG, Samsung has developed headphones that offer an optimal combination of wearing comfort and sound quality. The ergonomic design is said to be designed so that you can wear the Galaxy Buds Live comfortably all day long. The 12 millimeter speakers, in conjunction with the outsourced bass channel, also ensure a deep and full sound. Compared to the Galaxy Buds, the new active noise cancellation is particularly new. This gives you the ability to turn the world around you on or off. The technology developed by Samsung is intended to reduce ambient noise below a frequency range of 700 Hertz by up to 97 Procan reduce cent. Engine hum should therefore be faded out, while the voices of conversation partners should remain clear and understandable. The RRP of the Buds Live is 189 euros. They will be available from August 21st.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Image: Samsung

Galaxy Watch 3

With the Galaxy Watch 3, Samsung is bringing the next generation of its smartwatch onto the market. The Galaxy Watch 3 is still made of very high quality and still has the very popular rotating bezel. With the third generation of the Galaxy Watch, you should be able to easily manage routines, achieve fitness goals and take responsibility for your own health. A new feature of the Watch 3 is the feature that allows you to measure and track oxygen saturation over time for fitness and wellness purposes. The watch can now detect potential falls and informs previously determined people about the location of the fall. With the running analysis, the watch should also help you run better, stay in shape and avoid injuries, while VO2 max tracks cardio progress to get an insight into oxygen consumption. For training at home, there are also 120 different Homer workouts that you can do with the Watch 3. The Watch 3 is available in a 41mm and a 45mm version. The Watch 3 will also be available in stores from August 21st from 429 or 459 euros.


Galaxy ZFold 2 5G

With the Z Fold 2 5G, Samsung finally presented a new foldable. It should now combine the strengths of the Galaxy Fold and Z Flips in one device. On the outside, Samsung has installed a much larger 6,2-inch display. At 7,6 inches, the display on the inside is now even larger than on the Fold. The Galaxy Z Fold 2 is designed to better than before combine the portability and flexibility of a smartphone with the power and screen size of a tablet for maximum Procombine productivity. Further information on the Z Fold 2 should be announced in good time before the market launch. When the device will be available and how much it will cost is still unclear.

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