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Snapchat down: Messenger not available in some countries

(Post picture: © 2016

The popular messenger is currently available Snapchat down and has to contend with massive disruptions. Germany, Switzerland and Austria are also affected. We from TechnikNews could do that too Protroubleshoot.

Article from 22:26 p.m .: Last week the Messenger WhatsApp struggled with disruptions, now Snapchat is down. The popular messenger has been struggling with massive since 22 p.m Protrouble. The servers are currently unavailable in many European countries - logging in, sending snaps or receiving snaps is currently not possible. Like Snapchat support writes on Twitter, the users should not log out and wait. In addition, current status reports are posted there.

A red point for many status reports about Europe. (Image: screenshot /TechnikNewsnet)

Snapchat down: no solution

Also numerous TechnikNews-Readers have with Protrouble struggling with the service. Currently there is no solution for this Proproblem It is therefore of no use to restart your smartphone or reinstall the app. on all disturbances there are also numerous messages, which are now becoming fewer again. A week ago, the big team messenger Slack was down for two hours – it was said that an attack on the server was to blame Probeen troubled.

Update from 23:14 p.m .: At 23:XNUMX p.m. Snapchat had no further reports on this topic. The developers are already on Protrouble. Many users post under the Twitter tag “#snapchatdown“ numerous Prostated problems.

Update from 23:48 p.m .: Snapchat seems to be back online. There are also fewer reports from users. Snapchat seems to be working again on our device, too, but everything is still loading a bit slowly.

Article last updated at 00:03 am.

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Snapchat is still down? With whom?

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