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Snapchat down: Sending messages, snaps and stories disturbed

(Post picture: © 2018

The popular youth platform for sending photos and messages, Snapchat, is down. At the moment, no snaps can be sent or received, or messages or stories can be posted.

Nothing is working anymore - the Snapchat servers seem to be disrupted at the moment. The service has been fighting for a few minutes Proproblems and causes a disruption for users worldwide. Only Facebook and WhatsApp have it a few days ago hit, now the next platform is not available.

Snapchat down: what to do?

As always, nothing can be done. Reboot the smartphone ProAnnoying vider or throwing the router out the window are, as always, not sensible options. Since that ProIf the problem here is definitely Snapchat, all we can do is wait and see (and have tea). Error messages like "Could not send. Try again" are currently appearing during shipping.

Update at 14:31 pm: Chats and messages seem to be working (again). However, snaps and stories are still not sent or posted.

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