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Snapchat Spotlight is here: The TikTok or Instagram Reels for Snaps

Snapchat Spotlight
Image: Snap
(Post image: © 2020 Snap)

The popular teenage app is clearly attacking TikTok with Snapchat Spotlight. The new function lets users present short videos to the public in the form of snaps. To do this, a new menu item is introduced in the app.

If you know TikTok or “Reels” from Instagram, the concept should be clear: swipe through endless feeds and watch short video clips. This will also be possible in Snapchat in the future - it's called the whole “Snapchat Spotlight”. To this end, a new menu item in the form of a play button will gradually appear in eleven countries, including Germany. Austria and Switzerland are not there at the start, but should follow in the coming weeks and months. Unlike TikTok or Instagram Reels, Snapchat Spotlight will not give any public comments and is therefore more moderated at the same time.

Snapchat Spotlight: Prize money for the best snaps

Snap will be giving away over $ 16 million each day until at least the end of this year to the Snapchatters who create the best Snaps for Spotlight. To participate in the “competition”, you must be at least XNUMX years old and accept the terms of use. To “spotlight” a video, the user must select “Spotlight” on the send screen and optionally add a hashtag.

Snapchat Spotlight

Image: Snap

The order in which Snaps appear in Spotlight depends on how users interact with them. To do this, one counts the duration of a view. If you watch certain snaps from users more often and for longer, Snapchat shows them with a high probability higher up. Age is also relevant for the algorithm: Spotlights are shared with the same age groups if possible. The distribution of the money is based on the clear calls.

As mentioned above, there will be no public comment function. However, you will be able to send and like Snaps from Spotlight to your friends. The update for Snapchat Spotlight is now being rolled out for Android and iOS.

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