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Sonos Radio presented: Sonos radio stations, artist radios, 60.000 Internet radios and more

Sonos radio
Image: Sonos
(Post image: © 2020 Sonos)

Sonos has just introduced the new, free streaming service Sonos Radio. This will only be available on Sonos devices - there will then be around 60.000 radio stations, the “Sonos Sound System” and the “Artist Stations” to explore. All the details about it.

What would the world of technology be without streaming services? Certainly also exciting, but this gives it even more variety. Sonos launched a new radio streaming service today. This is called “Sonos Radio” and should soon be available in over 10 million households via software updates on Sonos devices. Roughly speaking, Sonos Radio is supposed to be the one known so far TuneIn expand, if not even replace in some points. Unlike typical streaming services, Sonos Radio will cost nothing, but will be reserved exclusively for Sonos users.

Sonos Radio with Sonos radio station, "Sonos Sound System" and "Artist Stations"

Specifically, Sonos Radio consists of four areas, all of which are actually just radio stations. There will be over 30 Sonos radio stations offering music based on the most popular genres of Sonos users. The new Internet radios should soon be selectable on Sonos devices in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

So there will be new and well-known music or guest contributions from artists on the advertising-free radio station Sonos Sound System. These will also give a look behind the scenes of the music business in interviews or special programs. The programs will be recorded in the new radio studio in the Sonos flagship store in New York.

In addition, the new “Artist Stations” will be special channels and compilations that will be maintained directly by artists. At the start, Thom Yorke, lead singer at Radiohead, will have his own station - Brittany Howard from Alabama Shakes will start her station on May 5th and David Byrnes from Talking Heads will follow a little later. Other artist channels are published regularly.

Sonos radio

After the update, Sonos Radio can be found under "Search" in the app. (Image: Sonos)

There are still Internet radios - over 60.000 from all over the world are there

The other Internet radios will continue to be available from Sonos, as they are currently already available with TuneIn. At the start, Sonos Radio has over 60.000 radio stations from all over the world on board - the usual TuneIn will continue to be available to existing users in the app. As a new user, however, you will primarily be able to see the Sonos radio in the app in the future, but TuneIn should also remain as an alternative input in the app.

In the coming months there will also be further collaborations alongside partners such as TuneIn in order to be able to offer even more radio stations. Sonos will also introduce new acoustic branding, whatever that means for users. Sonos Radio will at least start immediately - the software updates are already rolling out. However, as usual, it can take a few weeks for everyone to get the update on the Sonos devices.

All customers thus have access to Internet radio stations from all over the world. The radioprogram from Sonos (Sound System, Artists Stations and Sonos Stations) will initially be available in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland and Australia. Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other countries will follow soon.

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