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Sony shows creative tools, camera drone Airpeak, BRAVIA XR televisions and more at CES 2021

Sony Airpeak CES 2021
Image: Sony
(Post picture: © 2021 Sony)

Last night at CES 2021, Sony swept through a few new ones Proproducts shown. For example, there is a new drone for creative people and new televisions for enthusiasts. You also have details about VISION-S, the Proprototype vehicle from Sony that aims to contribute to the evolution of mobility.

Sony has also moved into the digital context CES 2021 knew how to present. The keynote from Sony took place quite late last night - more precisely at 23:00 p.m. our time. All Dates and events for CES 2021 By the way, you can find it in our overview. However, since the keynote went through pretty quickly, it was impossible to follow closely. We are therefore summarizing the whole event again.

New music tools for creatives and Prodozens

Sony's event yesterday was aimed more at the creative target group than directly at the private user. New tools have been introduced, such as 360 degree audio musicproproduction tools. A tool for creating 360 Reality Audio compatible music that realizes a spatial sound field. It allows music creators and artists to play their music in a 360° field while respecting the existing ones Proto use production platforms.

With the new tool for virtual Proproduction with volumetric real-world capture, sets and locations for the film/TVProproduction as 3D volumetric point cloud data. They are then processed using Sony Innovation Studios' Atom View software, rendered and displayed as a background image on a Crystal LED display for the virtual Proproduction is displayed in real time.

They also worked with Epic Records artist Madison Beer with Sony Music Entertainment (SMEI) and Verizon to create a new concert experience. They have been transformed into a virtual, realistic avatar and all the sounds in the hall have been artificially reproduced. She performed an excerpt from her latest song in a virtual replica in the Sony Hall.

Airpeak - a drone with a SLR camera mount

The Airpeak, a new generation of drones, on which a game reflex camera is mounted, was presented at the fair. Of course, a Sony Alpha camera is used here. This is stabilized in the holder like in a gimbal and thus enables creative people to shoot smoothly and smoothly. This is how Airpeak Video should beproinspire dozens of creative ideas. With this initiative, Sony wants to contribute to the development of drones and gain even more foothold in this market in the future.

Sony Airpreak drone CES 2021

The reflex camera is attached to the new Airpeak from Sony. (Image: Sony)

For even better videoproduction on the smartphone as well, the Xperia 5 II, the 5G-capable smartphone from the flagship series, has the photography functions Pro and cinematography Pro "powered by CineAlta". With these tools, the user can also set parameters and color settings on the smartphone as on full-frame cameras.

3D display and crystal LED display for creative people

Sony spatial reality display CES 2021

This is what the new Sony display looks like, which is supposed to show 3D objects in great detail. (Image: Sony)

With the spatial reality display, a display has been shown that depicts objects in three dimensions and makes them appear as if they were real. In this way, creative people can Propresent product designs, color or shape variations, and demonstrate to the viewer exactly what they envision. They should also be suitable for displays or three-dimensional signs in shops. It enables the viewer to experience the depth, texture and overall visuals of an item as if they were actually looking at it.

Sony Crystal LED display CES 2021

These new displays from Sony could be seen in shopping halls and more. (Image: Sony)

The new Crystal LED displays come with the powerful imageproprocessor "X1 for Crystal LED". This Prozessor is also used in Sony's BRAVIA televisions. Images should look even more breathtaking and even more extremely realistic. Because of this, the new LED displays are perfect for halls or lobbies.

BRAVIA XR television

Let's get to the most exciting Proproduct for private customers - the new BRAVIA XR televisions. The new BRAVIA XR features the new "XR"Proprocessor from Sony, which is supposed to score with artificial intelligence. Of the Prozessor recognizes the points in the image that a viewer is focusing on and comprehensively analyzes numerous aspects of image quality to create more realistic, human-centric images. In addition, the sound is upscaled to 5.1.2 channel audio to immerse the viewer in surround sound.

Details on Proto-type vehicle VISION-S

The work on the VISION-S, the Proprototype vehicle with which Sony wants to contribute to the evolution of mobility have reached the next phase. Developments in the areas of safety, entertainment and adaptability continue to be driven forward. In December 2020, tests for technical evaluation began on the public roads of Graz, Austria. A video shows the first details about the entertainment system, 5G functions and a first test drive.

But there is still no further details. Especially on the point of whether Sony really wants to implement its own electric car or just provide the technology.

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