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SOUNDBOKS 4: This is what the new performance speaker can do

The Soundboks 4 in the tech render
(Featured image: © 2023 SOUNDBOKS)

SOUNDBOKS presented the SOUNDBOKS 4, the successor to the SOUNDBOKS 3, in a press release. We know what the loudspeaker can do. 

SOUNDBOKS 4: The innovations behind the “grill”

At first glance, the SOUNDBOKS 4 looks identical to that generation 3 which we have also tested extensively. The default grille is now “White”, but in fact this looks more like silver. This should now be very easy to remove with the included tools; this will soon be shown in our test report.

A design overview of the new Soundboks 4

The SOUNDBOKS 4 is almost identical to its predecessor (Image: SOUNDBOKS)

According to the manufacturer, the biggest innovation is better battery life at maximum volume. This should now be 20 Procent longer, which would mean six hours in everyday life. The maximum volume is still 126 dB, and according to the manufacturer, the sound has been revised. Otherwise, the speaker is identical to the last generation, which according to our information is no longer being sold.

SOUNDBOKS 4: Technical data

Speaker (amplifier)3 × 72W RMS Infineon MERUS Audio eximo® Class D amplifier
Next generation adaptive DSP with its own bass enhancer
Effective frequency range: 40Hz - 20kHz
driver126 dB maximum volume
Impulse reflex connection
2 × 10″ 96 dB/ 1 W/ 1 m woofer and 1 × 1″ 104 dB/ 1 W/ 1 m compression driver tweeter
ConstructionWaterproof poplar wood casing
Removable, powder-coated steel grill
Powder coated aluminum frame
Handles made of steel
Silicone ball corners
66×43×32 cm / 25,6×17×13″ (H × W × D)
16,1kg (35,5 pounds)
IP65 rated electronics coating
send email nowBluetooth 5.0
TeamUp connection (SKAA) for up to 5 SKAA-capable speakers
ProPanel: 2 × combo (XLR, 1/4″) balanced inputs
1 × 3,5mm stereo input
1 × 3,5mm stereo output
Bond button for advanced JOIN settings
Battery40 hours at medium volume
6 hours at full volume (standard soundprofil)
3,5 hours full charge time
12,8 V, 7,8 Ah lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO₄)
99,84 Wh capacity Heavy-duty DC plug
5 level LED battery indicator
Temperature range from -15°C to 55°C
Short circuit protection
overheating protection
AppOTA upgradeable firmware
Custom soundprofillet
Customizable EQ
ProPanel configuration:Input type selection: Line-in, Microphone, Instruments
EQ and input gain controls
Bluetooth PIN code
Price and availability999 EUR / 999 USD – September 20th

Pricing and Availability:

The fourth generation SOUNDBOKS is now available for EUR 999 ordered will be delivered immediately.

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