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Spotify down: Music streaming is currently only possible in isolated cases

Spotify Family
(Post picture: © 2018

Spotify is currently down. The popular music streaming service has been unavailable for a few minutes. The streaming of songs only works occasionally with interruptions.

Article posted at 21:46 pm: Most of you will probably go nuts soon - four services are currently unavailable. Besides Spotify are also Discord, Facebook and Snapchat currently not really available. It seems to be here Proproblem at a larger node. Nevertheless, we also report on this disruption and take a look at what Spotify knows about it.

Spotify down: what's the cause?

A tweet has already been published on Twitter, Proto take a closer look. Unfortunately, the company does not offer its own status page for its users. Since the last tweet about 30 minutes ago, there has unfortunately been no further update on this disruption.

However, if you have saved some songs offline, you can switch to offline mode in the Spotify app in the settings and enjoy your downloaded tracks. The streaming of other songs is currently limited.

Spotify down: passage of time

Update at 21:56 pm: It seems to be getting better. Some songs are reloading.

Update at 22:00 pm: There is no further update on Twitter yet.

Update at 22:28 pm: The problem appears to have been resolved. The streaming of songs is working again proflawless.

Update at 23:14 pm: This disruption was also most likely related to the Google Cloud disruption. We will report on this tomorrow TechnikNews.

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What could be the reason that I still cannot log in?

David Haydl

ProTry deleting all of the app's data and then logging in again. It's working fine for me again.

David Haydl from TechnikNews


Thank you, that worked

Linus Torvalds

Don't use big Google. Use Linux.

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