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Super Mario Run: 40 million downloads in five days

Image: YouTube / WIRSPIELEN
(Post picture: © 2016 YouTube / WIRSPIELEN)

Super Mario should be known to almost every Nintendo gamer. A few days ago Nintendo released the classic for the iPhone. So far, the app has been downloaded 40 million times.

After Pokémon GO comes Super Mario Run: a week ago Nintendo released the platform game for the iPhone. Like Pokémon GO, the classic was downloaded millions of times in the first few days. As Nintendo officially announced yesterday, the game has already been downloaded over 40 million times in the first five days. However, Super Mario Run is not cheap fun: the full version currently costs 9,99 euros in the App Store. If you don't want to pay, you have to get by with a demo version.

More popular than Clash Royale and Pokémon GO

So far, no app has managed to reach 40 million downloads in a few days. Not even Pokémon GO. For comparison: Pokémon GO took 11 days and Clash Royale 12 days to crack this number. However, the release for Android is still pending - if the rush should be so big here too, the same numbers could be expected here. According to Nintendo, the app reached the top of the free app category in 140 out of 150 markets. The classic is part of the top 100 apps in 10 regions. Phil Schiller, Apple's head of marketing, confirms the download record.

Super Mario Run: 50 million euros in sales in five days

Of course, those 40 million downloads don't directly translate into revenue for Nintendo. You have to deduct the users who only play the free version and the fees to Apple. Pro successful purchase flow 30 Procent of sales to Apple. If you subtract the 9,99% Apple tax from €30 and multiply this sum by the number of users who buy the game – that could be around 10 million – you get a decent sum. With this assumption, you would come to about 50 million euros in sales for Nintendo in five days.

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