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TechnikNews Easter competition: Win the brand new vivo Y76 5G!

vivo Y76 5G Sweepstakes
Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2022 TechnikNews)

Just in time for Easter you can win the brand new vivo Y76 5G from us. The smartphone has only been on the European market for a few weeks, we can already raffle it off for you.

Have you found all Easter eggs yet? We haven't hidden any on our website, but we have a competition for you. In cooperation with vivo, this year we can offer a smartphone for our TechnikNews'ler raffle. Technology gifts are becoming more and more popular in the Easter nest - even if sweets and chocolates continue to be given away the most by far. Happy Easter!

The vivo Y76 5G at a glance

The vivo Y76 5G wants to offer a lot for little money: there is 8 GB of RAM, 128 GB of internal memory, 5G, quick charge function and much more. The mid-range smartphone comes in a compact design and has a 50 megapixel camera on the back. With a screen diagonal of 6,58 inches, all content can be conveniently consumed on the FHD+ LCD display. Google apps are of course also supported. A detailed test report will also appear here shortly TechnikNews.

vivo Y76 5G Sweepstakes

Picture: TechnikNews

vivo Y76 5G competition: How it works!

Anyone looking for a new smartphone for Easter does not need to spend any money with us: you can now win the newly released smartphone from us.

The participation is very easy. Except for the entry in our competition form, no further tasks are mandatory. Tweeting a message or following TechnikNews on TwitterYouTube or Instagram increase the chance of winning. Leave us a comment below this article, why you could use the smartphone or who you would like to make happy with it. Don't forget to enter your correct email address, this is the only way we can contact you if you win.

Open contest in new tab

Something doesn't work? Open competition form in new tab


  1. Enter your name and email address in the form
  2. optional: do additional tasks in the form (TechnikNews follow on social media, comment on the article) for an extra ticket in the prize pot

At this point we refer to ours Terms and Conditions and our Privacy policy. Participation in this competition is possible from April 17.04.2022, 15, 00:25.04.2022 p.m. to April 23, 59, 26.04.2022:XNUMX p.m. We will draw the winner on the evening of April XNUMXth, XNUMX and will then inform you by email about a win.

In this competition we process personal data such as the name and e-mail address of the participant. This data will only be used to determine the winner and is therefore absolutely necessary. We would like to point out that all personal data of the participant will not be passed on to third parties without their consent, nor will they be allowed to use them. An exception is the company Rafflecopter / Metric Feet LLC commissioned to carry out the competition, which must collect, save and use the data for the purpose of carrying out the competition.

More information about Data protection on TechnikNews.

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David Wurm

Do that TechnikNews-Ding together with a great team since 2015. Works in the background on the server infrastructure and is also responsible for everything editorial. Is fascinated by current technology and enjoys blogging about everything digital. In his free time he can often be found developing webs, taking photographs or making radio.

David has already written 962 articles and left 382 comments.

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Lars Schneider

Great competition for a great smartphone. I could really use that, the old one is giving up the ghost

Markus Dietz

a great smartphone

Andrea Fortak

With this smartphone, I would like to give myself a lot of pleasure, because up to now I have been one of the cellphone-free exotics 😀


Chic smartphone


I would love to win.


I would like to make my husband happy.


Class competition

Sabine Klinke

Wow that's a great prize. I'd love to be there ❣️

Gunther Waldecker

This would be a great present for my mother.

Nadine Peuthert

Great! 💜🖤👍😊😉

Gabrielle Peschel

I am very happy to be there and I hope...

Andrea Schoppe

Without wanting to sound too much like a "sob story"... a good friend would actually be very happy about a new cell phone!
You could then also use the new insulin pump/insulin pump that has just been approved by the cash register, for whose “high-tech” app-supported use your old cell phone unfortunately seems “too old” because it no longer supports the latest operating software required.

I would love to surprise you with this cell phone soon... it might even work for your birthday. That would also make me happy 🙂

Janina W

great competition - I would be very happy about it 🙂

Corinna L

I could do that vivo Y76 5G good use because it has a lot to offer and could become my new faithful and helpful companion, both professionally and privately.

Christina M

A great competition


Nice competition, I'd love to take part.


I really want to win the new smartphone as I have never owned one and the vivo Y76 5G will be my first smartphone.

My cell phone is an old cucumber and already 17 years old. Even my daughter (12) has had her own smartphone for 2 years now...

Matthias W.

That's a super successor device, which would then be up to date. Great competition!

DN. Löhnert

Thank you!

CJ. Löhnert

Thank you!

R Loehnert

Thank you!

A Loehnert

Thank you!


Great raffle. Count me in.


A vivo Y76 5G would be great :)


I would like to please my friend

Dominik Lewe

Sharp part!

Marleen Malsch

I would be very happy

Ulrich Gotzhein

I need one right now 🙂

Gisela Disser

Winning would be nice!!!


A really great prize, I would be very happy and then I wouldn't have to charge my cell phone every day ;o)

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