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TechnikNews Weekly # 001: Death of Windows 10 Mobile, Android P, and More

Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2018 TechnikNews)

TechnikNews Weekly is a new format from us in which all the interesting news from the world of technology from the past week are summarized. In the first edition: the death of Windows 10 Mobile, first information about Android P and more.

Death of Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft has finally buried their smartphone operating system, Windows 10 Mobile. This emerged from a response to a tweet from a user who the senior Program manager Brandon LeBlanc wrote. According to his answer, no more major updates should appear for the mobile OS. However, security updates will continue to appear, the only question is for how long. The reason for the burial of Windows 10 Mobile is probably the market share of the operating system, which has been below 0,1% for a long time.


First information about Android P

This week it was also up to date that the first information about the upcoming Android P was leaked. It is now assumed that a large part of the new OS will be the support for atypical display types. By atypical display types, I mean displays like that of the Essential Phone, which has a small recess in the upper part.

Furthermore, developers of apps should be able to integrate the Google Assistant into them. In addition, the search engine giant should bind the assistant to the search bar on the home screen, which means that users can reach him more quickly. However, none of the features just mentioned should be available for the release of Android P.

It is almost certain that Google will completely overhaul Android's UI as well. This could be Material Design 2, which is believed to be changing the colors of the elements to be displayed and introducing new design elements.

3D - Emojis for the Galaxy S9 (Plus)

The closer we get to the MWC in Barcelona, ​​the more information will be leaked about the Galaxy S9 (Plus). Samsung apparently wants to copy a feature of the iPhone X: Animojis. However, it should be called 3D emojis on Samsung smartphones. Because of them, it is very likely that the company will also install a better front camera in the Galaxy S9 (Plus) and a depth sensor to better track users' facial expressions.

Samsung stops the Android Oreo update

In the meantime, the Galaxy S8 (Plus) has received an update to Android Oreo. However, Samsung has backed out on the distribution because this system update causes the devices to restart in an endless loop on many devices. Samsung is about this Proproblem and has been working on a fix ever since. If you are affected by this endless loop of restarts, we recommend plugging the device in and pressing all four buttons on the smartphone at the same time. Then the Galaxy S8 (Plus) should start normally again.

Again failures at Snapchat

Snapchat is currently facing a lot of criticism because the new update is not really well received by users. On top of that, the servers went down again on Thursday evening. This made it impossible to send and receive snaps for an hour. After that, around 21:00 p.m., it was Proproblem was fixed and users were able to use the service again.

The malfunction map from shows malfunctions for numerous users. (Image: TechnikNews/Screenshot)

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David Haydl

David lives in Graz and has been there for around half a decade TechnikNews, also editor-in-chief for some time. He regularly provides the site with news, test reports and the like TechnikNews Weekly, which was his idea to launch. He likes to spend his free time outdoors, listening to a lot of music (and clearly too loud) and some podcasts on all kinds of topics, and also likes to go running. He enjoys the time that remains with his charming girlfriend or in front of the TV.

David has already written 1199 articles and left 114 comments.

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