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TechnikNews Weekly # 010: WhatsApp from 16, new Moto smartphones and more

Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2018 TechnikNews)

Another week is coming to an end, time for the tenth edition of the TechnikNews Weekly. This time: Samsung presented a smartphone without any internet access, WhatsApp only from 16 and new Moto devices from Lenovo.

Samsung smartphone presented without internet access

This week the Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro presented for South Korea. This smartphone is aimed especially at students who are very easily distracted by their smartphone because it has no access to the Internet. As a nice bonus: If you have completed a school year positively, you can get the J2 Pro can be credited when purchasing a device from the A series or the S series. It is also practical for the target group of this smartphone that an offline dictionary has been preinstalled. The display of the Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro is 5 inches tall and has a QHD resolution. A quad core works inside Proprocessor with 1,5GB RAM. In spite of "Pro“ in the name you only get low-end specs here. The memory is 16GB and the battery has a capacity of 2600mAh. The Galaxy J2 Pro costs the equivalent of around €145 and is available in gold and black.

Minimum age for WhatsApp has been increased to 16 years

The GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation, will come into force on May 25th. This applies to companies throughout the EU and also to those who have their headquarters elsewhere but offer their services with us. Like WhatsApp, for example. From May 25th, new users under the age of 16 will need parental consent to use Messenger. That's the theoretical part of it. In practice, even without parents, students can simply agree that they are already 16 years old. WhatsApp can't check this anyway. Rather, this additional verification step is necessary for WhatsApp in order to protect yourself legally.

Dubai is testing digital license plates

In addition to Silicon Valley, Dubai is also considered to be quite technically advanced. Now the RTA, the Road and Transport Authority, wants to test digital license plates for motor vehicles. The test phase will start in May 2018. The new license plates will have a GPS module and a screen. In addition, there should be an integration of an automatic emergency call in the event of an accident. In addition, the license plates should enable real-time communication between drivers. In addition, you would never have to change the license plate manually again. In addition to this, the debiting of parking fees or the like is made easier. Another practical feature is that the license plate can show when a vehicle has been stolen. November 2018 is planned as the end of the test phase. Until then, you should be able to estimate how strong the interest in digital license plates is.

New Moto G devices presented

On April 19th the Moto G6 series was introduced, which includes the Moto G6 Play, the Moto G6 and the Moto G6 Plus. All three devices have a display in 18: 9 format. The same resolves in the Moto G6 and Moto G6 Plus at 1080p, whereby the display of the Moto G6 is 5,7 inches and that of the G6 Plus is 5,9 inches. The display of the Play model is the same size as that of the Moto G6, but has a resolution of only 720p.

Snapdragon works in all devices Proprocessors from Qualcomm. In the Moto G6 the Snapdragon 450 with 3GB or 4GB RAM, in the Moto G6 Plus the Snapdragon 630 with 4GB or 6GB RAM and in the Moto G6 Play the Snapdragon 427 with 3GB or 4GB RAM. The dual cameras in the Moto G6 and Moto G6 Plus both have a resolution of 12MP and 5MP, whereby we find an aperture of f/1.7 in the Plus model and an aperture of f/6 in the normal G1.8. The camera in the Moto G6 Play has a resolution of 13MP at f/2.0.

Moto E range updated

In parallel to the Moto G series, the Moto E series has also been updated. The devices of the Moto E series look very similar to those of the Moto G series. A special feature is that a fingerprint sensor is built into the Moto logo on the back. All displays have a resolution of 720p, the Moto E5 is 5,7 inches tall with an aspect ratio of 18: 9, the Moto E5 Plus has an aspect ratio of 18: 9 at 6 inches and the display of the Moto E5 Play has an aspect ratio of 16: 9 by 5,2 inches.

The Snapdragon 5 with 5GB RAM was installed in the Moto E425 and Moto E2 Play. At the Proprocessor in the Moto E5 Plus is a Snapdragon 435, which is supported by 3GB of RAM. The Moto E5 and E5 Play only have 16GB of storage, while the Moto E5 Plus has 32GB. Stock Android 8.0 Oreo software was preinstalled on all three devices.

Lenovo only built single cameras into the new Moto E devices. The one in the Moto E5 Play has a resolution of 8MP, with the Moto E5 we are talking about a resolution of 13MP and the camera in the Moto E5 Plus has a resolution of 13MP. All cameras have an aperture of f / 2.0.

New details on Android P

This week it was announced that the navigation bar in Android P. The button for multitasking and the home button have disappeared, in their place we can now find a new icon in the middle of the navigation bar. If you swipe up from this, you get to an iPhone X-like multitasking menu. If you press it briefly, you get to the homescreen. A long press starts the Google Assistant. In addition to this, you now also know that the software remembers which volume you last used on each individual Bluetooth audio device. This means that you no longer have to readjust the volume every time if you have several Bluetooth audio devices.

Meteorites appeared in Fortnite

Many Fortnite players have noticed meteorites in the popular game for a few days. These are supposed to move and fly towards the ground. It is believed that they can even destroy parts of the map. In addition to that, telescopes have popped up all over the game. Can you watch the meteorites with them? You don't know because you can't (yet) use the telescopes.

Nokia 6 (2017) took a closer look

If you buy a cheap smartphone, you often have to live with many disadvantages. Often the performance is not so good, the battery does not last a day and so on. That shouldn't be the case with the Nokia 6 from 2017. This currently only costs around € 190. Guest editor Manuel took a closer look at it in his article and compared it with the Nokia 6 from 2018.

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David has already written 1256 articles and left 117 comments.

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