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TechnikNews Weekly # 011: All the details about the Galaxy A6, updates from Google and more

Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2018 TechnikNews)

Even if a little late, but still: that TechnikNews Weekly of KW 17. This week some exciting information about the Galaxy A6 became known, also information about the upcoming Mi Band 3 appeared. That and more - now.

All details about the Galaxy A6 known

Probably the top news of the week was the Samsung Galaxy A6, about which we will publish an extra article. Samsung should soon officially introduce the Galaxy A6 and Galaxy A6 Plus - the details have already been leaked. While the Galaxy A6 should have a 5,6-inch display, the Galaxy A6 Plus is expected to have a 6-inch display. The aspect ratio of 18,5: 9 should be similar to that of the Galaxy S9 and Samsung should probably rely on a borderless OLED display for both models. The Plus model should also dissolve in FHD +.

In the A6 as well as in the A6 Plus, 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory, presumably expandable via micro-SD, should also be installed. The A6 Plus should offer advantages with the front camera: This should resolve with 16MP instead of 6MP with the A24. A dual camera on the back should also only be available in the Plus model. Both models should cost less than 400 euros and appear in May.

Mi Band 3 will be presented soon

Xiaomi posted a teaser for the upcoming Mi Band 3 on Twitter on Sunday morning. This could indicate that it won't be long before the introduction. Xiaomi's fitness trackers are especially known for their low price and water resistance. As with the predecessor, Xiaomi should again use a heart rate monitor on the underside of the band. In addition, it should again be protected against dust and water in accordance with IP67. However, there will probably no longer be a button on the belt, but only gesture control via the display. The release could probably take place in May, where Xiaomi did the Mi Band 2 has presented.

Gmail in a new look

There was big news on Google last week. The group has given the popular Gmail mail service a completely new design since 2011. Special attention was paid to Google's material design during the relaunch. Thus, all menus now appear more fluid and generally a little cleaner. However, the new interface is not activated by default - the user has to select it himself. How this works and all information about the new design can be found in our article.

Smartwatch update with Wear OS 1.1 released

This week Google started rolling out a new update for Android smartwatches. Wear OS (formerly Android Wear) should bring some improvements with the latest version 1.1. In addition to a new "Tap To Wake" mode, to be found in the settings under "Movements", there should also be improvements in terms of battery. The battery life should now be a little longer than before, depending on the smartwatch. There are also performance optimizations. However, Google has not officially commented on this update.

Honor 7X receives update to Android 8.0

Huawei's daughter this week launched the software update for the Honor 7X to the latest version of Android - Android Oreo - via Twitter announced. Along with this update, the smartphone also gets the latest version of Huawei's EMUI interface. While earlier this year the Honor 8 Pro and the Honor 9 have already received the update, there should probably be another device on the list. An update to Android 6 + EMUI 8 should also arrive on the Honor 8X in the near future.

Telegram messenger with malfunctions

During yesterday's Sunday, the increasingly popular messenger Telegram had to struggle with massive disruptions in Europe and Russia. Blame for the failure should also, as with the Telegram failure two weeks earlier, a power outage in a data center in the Netherlands. The disturbances started early in the night and were rectified in the late afternoon. How to deal with these Proproblems is not yet known. One thing is certain: breakdowns like this, which last several hours, must not happen again.

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