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TechnikNews Weekly # 012: Two major events at a glance, Android P, Snapchat update and more

Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2018 TechnikNews)

Even if there wasn't a Weekly last week, there is nothing to worry about. Our weekly technology update will of course still be available. And here comes this TechnikNews Weekly in week 19 with the latest news from the world of technology - including information on the new Snapchat update, Android P and the Instagram malfunction.

A sunny week went by. The first outdoor pools have finally opened - so summer is fast approaching! Nevertheless there was a lot to report again this week. Last week there was unfortunately no due to technical renovation work on Sunday TechnikNews Weekly. Now the weekly summary is back again - in issue 12. We're also making it a little more relaxed this week and bringing a breath of fresh air to our weekly review to match the summer feeling. And let's go.

Todoist: One Profi tool for all those who are organized and those who want to become one

Lately we've been on TechnikNews often reported on Todoist. The first review of this powerful tool was published last week. Todoist is an app for to-do lists - it also offers applications for computers and other devices. So if you want to organize yourself better in the future - such lists can really help. David has tested the app extensively, and there is also another article with many great examples of use for your organized everyday life.

Microsoft Build 2018: Alexa & Cortana become friends and lots of AI

In addition to the Google I/O, this week started with the big Microsoft Build, one of the largest developer fairs in the world. Programmers and other developers get their money's worth at this event. This year the event coincided with the Google Keynote – but none Proproblem We had an eye on both events and summarized them briefly, concisely and yet in detail for you. The main theme of Build 2018 was clearly artificial intelligence (or AI for short). A solution seems to have finally been found for the artificial intelligence that relies on an internet connection. A collaboration between the voice assistants Alexa from Amazon and Cortana from Microsoft has also been decidedprochan.

Google I / O 2018: The Google Assistant can now make calls

Every year in May, one of the largest Google events takes place at Google in Mountain View. At Google I / O, the favorite event for everyone interested in Google, the innovations in new, upcoming Android versions and other exciting developments from last year are usually presented. This year we got after the first preview in March now for the first time a more detailed overview of the upcoming one Android P to face - with some exciting features. Among other things, the Google Assistant should soon be able to make phone calls and make appointments for us. AI should play an even bigger role at Google in the future - a new Google News with artificial intelligence for sorting has been published. David has compiled all the details and much more in his article.

Android P: Which devices are included?

Just in time for the Android P innovations, which were announced at Google I/O 2018, we also published a large list of devices. We have published a detailed list of supported smartphones for Android P on our blog. In addition, for smartphones that are in betaProgram are part of Android P, the registration for the beta is linked directly. It's definitely worth taking a look at the list - maybe your smartphone is there too?

Instagram down: server with hiccups on Thursday

Even one of the biggest has to struggle with disruptions - namely Facebook's daughter Instagram. On Thursday afternoon, the service was only available to a limited extent in the afternoon for a few hours until late in the evening. Time and again, the delivery of messages was delayed or not sent at all. In addition to Instagram, it had also hit many other services such as WhatsApp, Telegram and Snapchat. If all the services cannot be reached, there is always one online: Twitter. The network is used extensively during such disruptions - here it was with the hashtag #InstagramDown.

Snapchat: Update with design revision and chronological arrangement is on the way

The picture messenger has been making some headlines lately. We look back: It all started with Announcement of the new design the app. Developers wanted to use this to counteract the slowly increasing number of users and to separate the activities of friends more strongly with content from editorial offices. Already at this point in time a lot was being harvested Criticism of the new Snapchat design. After numerous Protest, the developers have now responded and a again new design versprochen. Among other things, this should bring back the chronological order of snaps and chats from friends and spread the old look again. It is not possible to judge whether this is really necessary after a few months. After all, most users have probably already got used to the new design. Now, however, the new update is on its way.

Windows 10: Spring update with version 1803 now available

The Spring Creators Update (version 1803) has been distributed for Windows 10 devices for a few weeks. This is again a major function update, which brings some innovations with it. For example, there is now a timeline that temporarily saves all activities of the last 30 days and makes them searchable. With this update, the new "Fluent Design" from Microsoft is used for the first time. This should let all elements shine fresher and with more effects. That and more in our Windows April Update Overview article.

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