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TechnikNews Weekly # 020: Galaxy Note 9, iPhone 2018, Netflix Ultra introduced and more

Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2018 TechnikNews)

There was a lot to report about smartphones this week. Netflix is ​​also adjusting its subscription offer, and is also adding the “Ultra” package. These and more topics in TechnikNews Weekly, this week in issue 20.

Netflix Ultra

In the middle of this week, Netflix announced that it would adjust its subscription offer. Netflix users can now book the new “Ultra” subscription - this costs 19,99 euros per month. Depending on the device, browser and place of residence, the price can be cheaper, the price is then around 16,99 euros per month. It is not yet known whether and when Netflix will raise its prices for previous subscription offers. We all hope for the best.

OnePlus 6 - Red version available soon

As with the OnePlus 5, there is also the Red version for the OnePlus 6 this year. This can be found from next week, Tuesday, July 10th, 2018 in technology stores or on the official homepage of OnePlus can be acquired. This model would cost around 569 euros on the market.

Huawei P20 Pro review

This week we have the top smartphone 2018 Huawei P20 Pro tested and shared with you - as usual. Our editor David Wurm had the device for three months and is more than enthusiastic about this device. The Huawei P20 Pro includes, among other things, a whopping 6,1 inch display with the notch, which is also known from the iPhone X. You can read more about it review article. The entire test is linked below this paragraph so that you can read through it in a relaxed manner.

iPhone 2018: Different color models possible

The models came last year iPhone 8, 8 Plus and for the 10th birthday of the iPhone that iPhone X from the manufacturer Apple Lossless Audio CODEC (ALAC),. This year there is a possibility that the iPhones will get multiple colors. So far we have only had the colors space grey, silver, gold or the RED color for the predecessor and current models.Proproduct that makes the iPhone appear red. The 2018 iPhone is rumored to offer expanded color choices. The colors are similar to those of the old iPhone 5c. Apple's keynote will take place in about 2 months, where the new iPhone with the new colors and iOS 12 will be presented.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - the rumor mill is simmering

Tomorrow in a month the time will come: Samsung will present its latest flagship in New York, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The official date of the press conference is on August 09th, 2018. As with the Galaxy S9, it will not be here with the Note 9 either give new design. The device could most likely be just as angular and, above all, thicker than its predecessor.

Spotify vs. Youtube Music: Which is Better?

We round off this week's package with a comparison of two streaming platforms. Editor David Haydl has in his article Spotify and the new YouTube Music examined more closely. If you take a closer look at the services, they differ in a few points. For example, there are suitable music videos displayed in YouTube Music, and song texts and song information on Spotify. But: who is now the best and the cheapest? All information in the article.

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Tobias Kirchel

Tobias is up TechnikNews represented as editor and editor. He checks the published articles for errors and corrects them if necessary. He is also employed as an editor. Tobias is interested in technical aspects such as smartphones, information technology and games.

Tobias has already written 34 articles and left 3 comments.

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