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TechnikNews Weekly # 026: Huawei GPU Turbo, Fortnite Beta, Instagram Hack and more

Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2018 TechnikNews)

While the internal TechnikNews- Preparations for the IFA are still in full swing, there was some news this week. We summarize in this TechnikNews Weekly everything from H for Huawei to W for WearOS together.

Time flies: it's almost the end of August again, time for the IFA, isn't it? Internally, things are going well with us - the last dates are still being checked and the final preparations for the IFA 2018 in Berlin are being made. But don't worry: here comes the twenty-sixth TechnikNews Weekly for you.

Huawei rolls out a speed update called "GPU Turbo"

Huawei finally delivered this week: the first GPU Turbo update is coming to the Huawei P20 Pro. This update should bring some improvements to the graphics chip, including better performance and a dedicated game center. For more details: The update is rolling out in waves. The first lucky ones include the owners of a smartphone from the P20 series, followed by the Mate 10 series. By the end of this year, numerous more Huawei smartphones are to be equipped with this update.

New Huawei tablets are coming this summer

There is more good Huawei news, this time for all tablet fans. We will probably bring two new tablets to our market by the end of this month. A high-end lite tablet comes with extras such as surround speakers, but costs more. If you want to spend less on your tablet and can do without the support of the M-Pen, you pay 229 euros for the WLAN version. You can find more details and specs about the tablets in our article.

Fortnite starts the beta for all supported smartphones

Yes, we know - Fortnite news annoys some of you by now. That's why we only left it with one piece of news this week. Until the beginning of this week, Fortnite for Android was only reserved for Samsung smartphones (see details of the Note 9 presentation), then the rest of them were given last week supported smartphones for Fortnite known. Now the first beta invitations are finally being distributed to these devices. I could already play the game on the P20 Pro and Pixel 2 XL and was rather disappointed. There are currently quite a few stutters and lags. A test report follows. Which devices are supported and further information:

Fitbit Pay - Pay with the fitness tracker is coming to Germany

In Germany there is now a lot going on when it comes to contactless payment. Google Pay made its first appearance at the end of July, and Fitbit Pay is now following Garmin Pay. Both of these technologies allow contactless payments to be made exclusively on the fitness tracker of these brands. Because: Google Pay is not supported on either of these trackers. Unfortunately, Fitbit is not yet cooperating with all banks. We have compiled all information in the article.

Skipping ads on Spotify comes - at least almost

Currently, the free version of Spotify is financed exclusively through advertising. So far, however, it has not been possible to skip this indefinitely. That should change with the upcoming version. The new “Active Media” concept assumes that users listen to relevant advertising in full instead of skipping uninteresting ads. Whether the whole concept will work is still in the stars.

Own health chip in Apple Watch is supposed to drive fitness features

As it became known this week, the next generation of the Apple Watch could well have its own health chip. To do this, Apple is looking for development and Proproduction now special staff. In addition to the two other chips in the smartwatch, this chip should only be available for the health features and the watch should therefore be more performant overall. What else Apple has planned, we have shown in more detail in the article.

Fitbit Charge 3 probably waterproof and with a touchscreen

The IFA is approaching - including the Fitbit Charge 3, which will probably be shown at the booth this year at the international radio exhibition in Berlin. Even if it was this year, on request from TechnikNews, won't give a keynote of your own, you certainly have something new to show. There are already pretty precise pictures and specs of the Fitbit Charge 3. The tracker should be equipped with NFC for Fitbit Pay, a touchscreen and a waterproof housing. Until now, it was operated by tapping, but now you want to upgrade here. The users have now also been listened to and the first waterproof tracker in the Charge series is to be launched on the market.

iA Writer: We have the simple Word alternative outprobeer

Word from Microsoft Office and LibreOffice are well known. iA Writer is rather less well-known in this country Programs. For writing on the PC, the app scores with a simple interface and write in markdown. Advantage: The text is in each Program, since Markdown is a widely used markup language. The detailed test report by David Haydl is available here:

Huawei Mate 20 is coming this October

Last year in December we got the Huawei Mate 10 Pro examined more closely on our blog. Now people are already talking about the successor and have had precise details about the presentation event since this week. On October 16, the new flagship will be launched with the latest Kirin 980 Prozessor, which will be presented at the IFA. In terms of performance, this should be increased by almost 20 Procent faster than the predecessor and at the same time take a little more consideration of the battery consumption. The first image of the Mate 20 and more details in our article.

HTC and Sony announce update to Android 9.0 Pie

After Introducing Android 9 Pie there is almost daily new information about new supported smartphones. HTC and Sony announced their plans for software updates this week. Sony wants to supply the flagships with the latest version as early as the beginning of September, HTC does not yet have any specific plans about it. You can read exactly which smartphones are suitable in our article and in our overview of the supported smartphones from Android 9 Pie.

TechnikNews is the first impression of the new Fossil Q Explorist HR

It was almost two weeks ago when Fossil presented new smartwatches Has. David Haydl hit the shop right after the release and bought the new Fossil Q Explorist HR. The smartwatch scored particularly well in terms of appearance and the impression of the performance in the first 24 hours of use. How else the clock has struck:

Google with new quality standards for WearOS apps

Admittedly, there is a lot of rubbish in the Play Store. As a user of a smartwatch with WearOS you know: This Proproblem also applies to the Play Store on the smartwatches. Google now wants to crack down on the possible release of the Pixel Watch in October and carry out stricter quality controls for all apps in the store. If apps have to be released manually in Apple's store, they are automatically released in Google's store after a virus scan. With these new guidelines, you want to ensure more quality in the store.

Rescue a hacked Instagram account - it works!

This week there were several reports that hundreds of Instagram accounts had been hacked. This is how the hackers change the user's username, password and email address. This means that he no longer has access to his account and is locked out. Why so many accounts were hacked is still unclear, but it is assumed that a third-party app was hacked. Mostly these are like or follower apps. But before you create a new account and lose everything, you can save your account with a trick. We have this approach in the latest TechnikNews Guide gezeigt.

Modern office tools: Microsoft Modern Mouse and Keyboard tested

Here David Haydl blogged about his experiences with the Microsoft Modern Mouse and Microsoft's Modern Keyboard. In addition to the modern design, he also liked the fingerprint sensor, and the Bluetooth connection with the computer rounds off the package. Overall, the office tools cost around 150 euros - you can read about it in our test report.

Motorola P30 is iPhone X and Huawei P20 Pro-Clone

We round this up TechnikNews Weekly with one last bold news of this week. With the Motorola P30, Motorola has a clone of the iPhone X and Huawei P20 Pro presents. The smartphone with mid-rangeProzessor but still 6GB of RAM comes with an iPhone notch and Huawei color variants. All further details on specs and prices in our news.

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