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TechnikNews Weekly #045: Android Pie updates on Huawei and Samsung, Huawei Mate 20 Pro testing and more

Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2019 TechnikNews)

We greet you first TechnikNews Weekly in 2019. This week was all about Android Pie updates from Samsung and Huawei, the Surface Studio 2, rumors about a cheaper Galaxy Home, Mate 20 Pro test and many other news.

The first week of 2019 is pretty much over. We hope that you started the new year well and we will provide you with a lot of news again this year. The technology world never sleeps and so this week we had some fresh news for you on the blog. Lost? Then there is ours again TechnikNews Weekly as a summary.

The TechnikNews Review of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro

For almost a month we were able to use the Huawei Mate 20 Pro test extensively for you. Now you can read the final conclusion review report. The Huawei flagship is clearly convincing in terms of camera and performance. In our test report, we explained in more detail whether the price is really justified.

Are you planning a small Samsung Galaxy Home?

This week rumors emerged of a cheaper, and possibly smaller, Galaxy Home from Samsung. But the question arises: why? So far, the speaker is still not on the market and Bixby speaks a little German at first. You don't expect a bargain price, but this could be a lot cheaper compared to the bigger brother.

We look back: That was TechnikNews 2018 in numbers

Before we continue with the news from 2019 here in the Weekly, here is our annual review of 2018. On New Year's Eve, we put some interesting facts and figures on the table for you. There is information on the number of articles published last year, a ranking of the most popular articles and some other great facts. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your numerous participation in our TechnikNews Christmas raffle, which this year is already in its fourth round. So celebrate TechnikNews his 4th birthday this February.

German premiere of The 100 Season 5 is running

The fifth season of “The 100” started broadcasting on sixx last week. Pro Two episodes of the science fiction series will now be broadcast each week. The season consists of a total of 13 episodes and has already been shown on the US broadcaster theCW. Without spoilers, there is more information in our article, such as the rough details of the series and more information about season 5. You can also find a trailer there.

Facebook is testing dark mode in Messenger

Dark modes in apps are becoming more and more popular. The eye-friendly design will soon be integrated into Facebook Messenger. So there are now the first users who can already test the darker design in Messenger on Android and iOS. Unfortunately, it is not yet fully known which countries can take part in the beta test. We already have the first screenshots for you - you can find that and more in the article.

Third season of Stranger Things scheduled for July

The third season of the horror series Stranger Things should finally appear on Netflix in July. A first trailer for this has already been published. We were able to find out in advance what the eight individual episodes should be called. What the following sentence in the trailer - "One summer can change everything ..." - could actually mean? We stay excited.

Apple AirPower: where is the smart charging plate?

This week we asked ourselves what Apple's smart charging plate actually looks like. We tracked it down and did some research. Apple has not yet released any official information about the availability of the disk. With this you should all your AppleProproducts via wireless charging on a mat. Up to three devices should have space there.

Instructions for creating the top 9 image gallery on Instagram

At the beginning of the year, numerous Instagram users published their top 9 pictures of the past year in a collage on Instagram. If you don't post a lot of pictures - it's usually not for you Proproblem But if you uploaded a few pictures to Instagram in the last year and received likes for them, you don't want to go through and rank all the pictures individually. In our guide, we have shown you some tools with which this is easily possible. The instructions refer to both Android and iOS users on the iPhone.

Samsung continues to roll out the One UI and Android Pie

During the Android Pie update on the smartphones Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ some batteryproshould cause problems, they are still working on the delivery of the long-awaited Android update. For this year or for the near future, Samsung still has a few smartphones and tablets on the screen, which should be supplied with the update. To the batteryproHowever, there is still no statement from Samsung about the problem. You can find out which Samsung smartphones will soon receive Android Pie in our article.

Microsoft Surface Studio 2 in stores from the beginning of February

It has been a few months since Microsoft officially introduced the Surface Studio 2. Now the all-in-one PC should soon be available in Germany and Austria. Specifically, February 7, 2019 has been set as the availability date. From this point on you can buy it from dealers - pre-orders will be possible at the beginning of next week. Business customers will continue to purchase Surface Studio 2 through an authorized reseller. We have all prices and models for you in the linked article.

New colors for the Huawei Mate 20 Pro planned

After our test report last week, there is already new news about the Mate 20 Pro by Huawei. In addition to the already great colors of the smartphone, two more color variants in red and blue should be added. We have the first leaks and rumors in the article for you – we even have a first release date for you.

Sony is working on new sensors for face unlocking smartphones

Face unlocking on smartphones is becoming more and more popular. So Sony is currently working on new possibilities and technologies in the field of face unlocking. The Verge reports on a conversation Sonys had with Bloomberg. In this conversation he said that Sony is planning to Proproduction of 3D sensors in late summer. Both for the rear camera and for the front camera. The reason for this is the high demand from several smartphone manufacturers.

Philips Hue down: Server failures cause disruptions in the app and Alexa

On Thursday we reported on the server failures at Philips Hue here on the blog. While the reasons for the server failure are still unknown to us users, you have Proproblem fixed within a few hours and communicated publicly on Twitter. We too TechnikNews were able to reproduce malfunctions in the app - outside of the local WLAN. In addition, the control of the Philips Hue lamps via Alexa no longer worked because they also communicate via the server. Hence a good lifehack: "analog" light switches in the house or in the apartment can never be a disadvantage 😉

Android 9 Pie for the Galaxy Note 9 available from beta testers

While we were already reporting on the updated update schedule from Samsung this week, there is now more update news from Samsung. The first beta testers in Germany and in German-speaking countries received the update to the latest Android version. Also included is the new Samsung One UI - a new user interface. SamMobile has confirmed to us via email that this is supposed to be verified information.

First rumors about the Sony successor Sony Xperia XZ3

At the weekend the first rumors of the upcoming Sony Xperia XZ4 became known. The Sony smartphone, which we will probably see again this year at the IFA in Berlin, should be properly equipped. There is currently talk of a triple camera and a 21: 9 display. It remains to be seen whether we can really be sure. On the renders, however, it is noticeable that the manufacturer does not jump on any display trend (notch or hole in the display) and that there is now a fingerprint sensor on the side in the power button.

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